Adidas/Manchester United Deal: Is this deal reallly worth $1.3 blllion?

  • Yes, the Manchester Utd/Adidas deal is worth $1.3 billion if not more.

    Manchester United is one of the biggest sporting brands in the world. It has millions of followers across the globe including a growing number in China and other Asian countries. Sports merchandise is bought by a majority of these fans especially football shirts which retail and high price. Any kit sponsor gets worldwide coverage during sports broadcasting as well. This deal is clearly worth $1.3 Billion if not a great deal more.

  • Yes, I believe it is.

    In Europe soccer is a huge deal and so this price does not surprise me in the least. I think we would see the same amount of money in the United States in our major sports like football, basketball and baseball. Manchester United has many fans all across the globe.

  • No, doesn't seem like much profit.

    No, since Adidas only expects to make 1.5 billion during their partnership, it doesn't seem like the will make that much of a profit on this deal. Also, Manchester United isn't doing as well now as they have in the past. Their performance has been down since their coach, Alex Ferguson, retired. Adidas probably won't get as much exposure as they want out of this deal.

  • Entertainment vs Humanity

    There has always been a long lasting debate about spending money better. I think this is a prime example of money that could be spend better. I love sports and entertainment as much as the next person, but I can imagine more. I imagine house, electricity, food, water, and basic needs for people that do not have anything. 1.3 billlion dollars, let that sink in.

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