• Should be isolated

    People living with HIV are 20 to 30 times more likely to develop active TB disease than people without HIV.

    HIV and TB form a lethal combination, Each speeding the other's progress. In 2017 about 0. 3 million people died of HIV-associated TB. In 2017, There were an estimated 0. 9 million new cases of TB amongst people who were HIV-positive, 72% of whom were living in Africa.

  • I was raped twice.

    If I had the virus (I don't), Should I be isolated? That would be unfair. These people are loved by Jesus just the same as other people. Jesus healed lepers. Was He wrong? Jesus would want these suffering people to be with a loving church family. Dogs wag their tales.

  • Quarantine is a punishment that should be used only as the last measure

    While it's true that tuberculosis is the biggest danger to HIV patients, It doesn't warrant isolation of all HIV patients nor HIV+TB patients.

    There is treatment for both HIV and TB. It is much more effective to treat these ailments with drugs rather than limit the patients' human rights. Africa is leading in the deaths to HIV+TB because of it's poor health care. Poor health care cannot be a reason for quarantines either, As it is the welfare countries' responsibility to help them by providing drugs and health care.

    Moreover, 0. 3 million people is a tiny number in the global scale. In comparison, Car accidents kill 1. 3 million people and nobody has banned cars.

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