Admit it, We need a girl like this one to kick Jamal in the nuts

  • Pick me pick me

    Pick me. I love kicking nuts to the moon. First of all I am young and healthy and I am immune to trauma. Second, I got good looks most boys call sexy and gee i love leggings they are so comfortable so I volunteer to kick Jamal in the nuts because HE NEEDS SOME MILK!

  • Wanted, Alive Only

    I am issuing a warrant demanding a young healthy good looking girl that can kick a guy in the balls without suffering from post traumatic stress afterwards. I don't care what her skin color is or how old she is, Just as long as she can kick Jamal in the nuts so hard, He finds himself on the moon in 60 minutes or less. I am also issuing a warrant on Jamal. There is a $5000 reward for bringing me the no good rotten boy to me dead and you'll get a $1000 bonus if you bring him alive because I want to teach that clown a lesson.

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