Adolphe Sax: Is Adolphe Sax one of the most important musicians in human history?

  • Certainly! As long as there are saxophones, he will be considered as such.

    He invented an instrument, how could he not be significant? It's one of the most popular woodwind instruments! His contributions as musical inventor/ designer put him there though, more so than actual musical talents... However that is still irrelevant, he was a musician and made remarkable contributions.

    It's the same with Theobald Boehm, he was a good musician but will be remembered for creating the modern flute. If you enjoy any of these instruments, their creators are instrumentally important.

  • Adolphe Sax is one of the most important musicians in human history.

    Adolphe Sax is one of the most important musicians in human history because of his great contribution to the art of music and the musical instrument family. His instrument, the saxophone, is a key instrument in the world of jazz and rock and roll. The combination of brass and woodwind, and the type of earthy sound produced, allowed a great hybrid instrument to be introduced into the world of music that aided in transforming the landscape of sound. The sax may have initially found favor with jazz but has expanded across all areas including classical music. Sax's contribution of the sax is truly monumental in the annals of history.

  • Yes, Adolphe Sax deserves to be recognized as a prominent musician in history

    Adolphe Sax is the person who invented the saxophone and deserves credit for doing so. Unfortunately, the saxophone was not taken seriously until it came overseas in America where it was at the forefront of Jazz history.The saxophones role in American culture can still be seen today in because Jazz has close lineage to rock &roll and other music genres.It is thanks to Adolphe Sax for inventing it that we are able to enjoy this today.

  • He Invented the Saxophone and Was Undoubtedly Influential, But...

    Sax's legacy, the saxophone, is an interesting instrument, but its role can be covered by other instruments. If he had never invented the saxophone, we might still have the same types of music in which the saxophone is commonly used. While he was definitely a talented and influential individual and deserves a lot of credit, calling him one of the most important musicians in human history might be over-stating things.

  • Adolphe Sax was good but not great.

    Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone family. The saxophone is a great instrument, but so are the flute, clarinet, piano, drums and so on. I do love the sound of the sax, but what I really love is the combination of all the different instruments when they all are played together. Besides the piano, I do not think any one instrument stands out by itself. They sound so much better with other accompanying instruments. For this reason, I do not think that Adolphe Sax is the most important musician in history. There are many great musicians that contributed to our musical history and he is just one of many.

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