Should adopted kids should be in contact with their biological parents?

  • Maybe yes, maybe no.

    I feel as though if you put a child up for adoption that you can have the ability to have check ups on the child if you so need be. However, the parent(s) who were criminals or mentally ill (or even good civilians who couldn't afford to raise a child at the time) should not be able to access the children for services, but rather have it for the sake of the child at a certain age (maybe around 15 or 16) to meet the parent(s).

  • They have the right to know...

    I feel like adopted children do have the right to know who their biological parents. They should know who brought them into this world. They probably have so many questions .They need the comfort that only their biological parents can give them. A child needs a parent in their life. They need to know.

  • Yes it is a necessary precaution

    Due to to the fact that latent health issues can exist the information on biological parents can be useful as well as set the child's mind at ease if feelings of not belonging are apparent much like myself being adopted and knowing the identity of my own biological parents helped to treat an occurrence of asthma in my younger years.

  • Yes but it should depend on the decision of the biological parents

    This is a qualified yes. The decisions should be made by the biological parents when they put the child up for adoption. In some cases they may want the ability to be contacted later while in other cases they may just want to wipe their hands of the whole thing and never want to worry about it again. Another qualification to this is that the biological parent should not be allowed to just change their mind about the adoption down the road. The decision should be final because the adoptive parents need to become the final say on everything in order to have a working family dynamic.

  • Yes and no to the issue.

    Depends on the situation. On the one hand, children should be in contact with their biological parents, to either find closure or for the parents to say that they messed up and that they don't want their children to go through whatever episode they went through. On the other hand, given the situation, it could be negatively life changing for the child to see their biological parents, if the parent(s) are not in the right frame of mind to see them.

  • I say no.

    I don't think that we ever could hope to gain anything by having adopted kids stay in contact with their biological parents. Generally speaking, there is a reason that their parents gave them up, or otherwise could not take care of them, and bringing them back into their life is bad.

  • It will hurt children's relationships with their adoptive parents.

    I think it's best if children don't meet their biological parents. I feel that adopted parents do everything that biological parents can, and that if kids get to know their biological parents it will take away from their relationship with their adoptive parents. Kids only need one set of parents. Having more would only confuse them.

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