Adrienne Bailon's comments about Rob Kardashian: Can you ever 100% trust your friends?

  • Yes, You Can

    The comment was Adrienne's opinion of what happened. Maybe she sees it differently from others that are close to Rob. There is nothing wrong with voicing her opinion. I personally feel that she would be famous whether or not she appeared on the show. She was clearly really hurt by what he did and she's entitled to that.

  • Trus Slow, But Trust Completely

    Trusting a friend is a long, difficult road. Trust must be earned slowly over time. But to say that it is impossible to trust your friends completely lends a dog eat dog/every man for himself mentality that causes rifts between people. Your wife is your friend. If you aren't in a position to allow yourself to completely and totally trust that person, how can you hope to continue a healthy relationship with doubt continually creeping in?

  • You Can Only Trust Yourself

    I strongly believe that the only person you can trust is yourself. You can't control what others will do with your information or if they will stick by you when the going gets tough. People have a tendency to be manipulated by others and therefore your trust can be violated. The only way you can control your own life and your personal information is to not trust anyone. That includes family, especially close family, friends and even strangers. Trust is never earned or rewarded.

  • Trust no one but yourself.

    This is simple, and frankly - factual. There is only one person in the world that any person can trust, and that person is yourself. Some might say their mother, their father, spouse.... But the fact is, every one of those people can betray you - if you choose to trust them. Therefore, you cannot trust them. Only trust yourself, and you can never be betrayed. Again, these are facts, not opinions.

  • No, I don't think you can.

    I really don't think you can trust your friends when you are famous and are on a very highly watched reality tv show. I think that many of the people who become your friends are just in it for themselves and I don't think it comes as any surprise if they throw you under the bus for their own career.

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