Adult male circumcision: Do certain religions require circumcision?

  • Yes they do.

    Certain religions require circumcision. There are a few religions out there that require circumcision, and you are looked down upon from the religious community if you are not circumcised. Some people may disagree with it, but if someone want to believe that then that is their right to do so and it does not effect you.

  • Circumcision Required by Some Religions

    Certain religions do require males to be circumcised at a young age. Some religions demand circumcision even for adults. With that in mind, this practice is widespread in the United States but relatively uncommon in other parts of the world. Very few Americans realize this fact in today's world, though.

  • Yes, it is Biblical.

    Yes, certain religions require circumcision, and Christianity is one of those religions. In the Bible, God commanded Abraham to begin the practice of circumcision. It is a way for Christians to identify themselves. God was clear that all baby males should be circumcised. It is a Christian practice and is mandated by the Christian religion.

  • Certain religions require circumcision.

    It is stated in the Jewish religion that males must be circumcised. Although this is unpopular to many people, it is part of the requirements for this religion. Even if someone converts to this religion as an adult, they are still required to undergo the surgery of circumcision to join the religion.

  • Yes it is a religous thing

    Yes there are some religions that require all males to be circumcised. However circumcision is not just a religious issue. It is shown that males that are circumcised will have an easier time keeping their penis clean and free from future infection. The idea of circumcision is beneficial to all religions.

  • Is this a serious question?

    Dear Jewish baby boy,

    I write you this letter because I value you as a human being. And it is simply for that reason alone that you have great value and great worth more than all the gold and silver and diamonds in all the world. All the Nobel Prize winners in your heritage cannot increase your value. You are valuable simply for the fact that you are a human being just like me. You are not above me, nor below me, but you are equal to me, and I call you my brother. Many giants are gathered around you. We call them adults. You have entered a strange new world outside of your mother's womb. That woman who you will cherish forever is your mother. She is torn between the religion that she loves and her protective instincts. The man that loves her dearly is the one who you will call your daddy. He has a sense of his religious duty. And here you are caught in the middle of their world. It is precisely because I am thinking about you and I care about you that I am writing this letter. It is love born out of mercy and compassion that is missing in this world. When people declare that they want to make this world a better place, it will never be better until that kind of love exists. Now one of the giants who is not your mommy nor your daddy, but a strange man with a beard has a knife held towards your sensitive skin. You feel the excruciating pain and the world and everything around you stops and time is unknown. Love is forgotten. You feel nothing except for the pain, and you cannot escape it. Little Jewish baby boy, I want to write to tell you that you do not deserve to be treated that way. You deserve to be in your mother's arms. I cannot save you, and my voice is weak. But all that I can do is speak. I love you. I care about you. I do not want you to hurt. I do not want you to fall down and scrape your knees. I want you to receive all the blessings that life can give you. Even though I am powerless to do anything to save you, I hope and pray that some day when you have a son of your own that you will have the courage to say no to traditions that lack mercy and compassion and that that kind of love will be passed down from one generation to the next.

    A gentile human being

  • Religion should trump human rights

    Whether or not any religion calls for male or female circumcision, religion ends where the body begins. Branding your religious beliefs on a child is no different than an African tribesman cutting into a child via a razor (scarification) to make him a "man". Also, how is allowing a mohel to suck on a baby's penis not considered pedophilia?

  • Maybe for some but not for Christians.

    Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant churches never adopted circumcision. Circumcision was condemned in The Ecumenical Council of Florence on 4 February 1442. One exception was the Coptic Church in Egypt, and the Council condemned this practice amongst them. Routine infant circumcision never took off in Europe but circumcision enthusiasts promoted it in English-speaking countries from the late Victorian era. As a result, some Christians have been misled into believing that Christianity recommends circumcision. This is simply not true.

  • Say no to circumcision

    Religious freedom ends where someone else's body begins.
    Give the freedom of religion to the individual.
    I am not Christian, but my parents are. Even still, the Bible denounces any body modifications.
    All my botched surgery did was permanently ruin my sex life and give the doctor that cut me an extra pay-check and an erection from feeling empowered.

  • No, no religions definitively require adult male circumcisions because religion is up to interpretation by its members.

    It is not accurate to say that a religion requires male circumcision. Religious texts and traditions change from language to language and culture to culture. Many people who claim to be of the same religion have different interpretations of what their religion advocates and requires. There are even jews who do not circumcise. It is better to research different groups within a religious community rather to say that any one religion requires anything.

  • The individual should be the one to choose.

    It should not be a requirement to be circumcised as part of a religion. My disagreement stems from most of these circumcisions being performed when the child is very young, by the choice of his parents. Each individual should be able to choose what happens to their body as much as possible. Circumcision is not an choice that must be made at that moment, so it should be left up to the man when he is able to decide and not by the choice of the parents or religious scripture.

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