Adult male circumcision: Do females prefer circumcised penises?

  • Some Females Prefer Circumcised Penises

    Some females prefer circumcised penises for reasons of comfort and health. My statement is based on what several women have told me and on a magazine article or two. From that frame of reference there does seem to be a percentage of women who contend that their experience of sexual intercourse with circumcised males is superior to what they have experienced with uncircumcised and that they prefer it. They site greater comfort due to lack of uncomfortable friction from the foreskin. They also site medical studies that they claim show fewer incidences of certain female genital cancers in women who exclusively sleep with circumcised males. Greater probability of cleanliness is another factor mentioned, the logic being that with a circumcised penis hygiene is easier and more complete due to the absence of a foreskin. These are some of the reasons that some women favor circumcision.

  • American Women Prefer Circumcised Penises

    American women, and women in other cultures where circumcision is practiced, tend to prefer circumcised penises to uncircumcised. There are many reasons that men circumcise their penises. In some cultures and religions, it is a common practice, while in others it is common to not circumcise the penis. Additionally, it is a belief that men with circumcised penises are healthier and less likely to get a sexually transmitted infection. Women in American culture prefer circumcised penises because it is common practice and belief that circumcised penises are cleaner.

  • Yes, they are more common usually.

    Especially in a certain age group, women were raised with men who were circumcised as boys. Their boyfriends and husbands probably were that way then. So at this point we prefer men who are circumcised as it just looks right to us and it seems to be more hygienic also.

  • Yes, females prefer circumcised penises.

    Females have made it clear that they do prefer a circumcised penis over an uncircumcised penis. The main reason for this is cleanliness. Having the foreskin on an uncircumcised penis can be more challenging to keep clean. If cleanliness is not kept up, then their is more risk of infection.

  • I Prefer Circumcision

    My understanding, from a female viewpoint, is that circumcision is a cleaner and safer alternative. I personally prefer circumcision. I believe that is probably firmly based in my experience and up bringing in the Western world, as well as my religious associations growing up. I think if I would have grown up somewhere, where it wasn't the norm, then I may have a different opinion.

  • Women prefer circumcised.

    After half a year of living together my girlfriend insisted to make a circumcision, Because she worried about her health. I agreed because if you can do something to protect your and your partner's health you should do it. We discussed which style of circumcision to choose, But she loved the sight of completely circumcised penis without foreskin and any free skin at all. And she said - as tight as possible, So that I would walk on tiptoes after that. And yeah, I did it.

  • My Wife Prefers

    As a personal choice I was circumcised as an adult and my wife was very supportive . From a cosmetic viewpoint she has been very complimentary and states that she enjoys the feel of my permanently exposed glans . I last longer before climaxing and so itโ€™s a win win .

  • Intact foreskin is natural and better. ๐Ÿ˜†

    I've been with both and I will never go back to a circumcised man again. The natural feeling of the foreskin covers the head and is intended for sex with a female as it should be. I've had the best sex ever with a intact foreskin man and never had that happen before with circumcised men. I've got 2 boys and left them intact for them to enjoy their lives when they have a girlfriend or get married. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ’–

  • Yes, females prefer cut penises,

    Because it's cleaner, it's much more safe for female partner, it looks better, sex with circumcised partner is much longer. There are only good points in circumcision and no one bad point. Male circumcision is absolutely necessary, it's obvious for all, and it's strange that some people have any objections...

  • It's much more convinient

    It's much easier to put a condom on a tightly circumcised penis and it much better holds on it. It's much more convinient to use lubricants. Also a circumcised penis should be washed more often as there is no foreskin that would clean it itself, so a circumcised penis is much cleaner.

  • I have been with both, and I FAR prefer intact!

    My first fiance was tightly circumcised. I very often had pain after intercourse. Sometimes, it was so severe that I could do nothing but lie there and cry for 15 or 20 minutes. When I got married, two years later, I found that my husband was quite a bit more on the well-endowed side, than my first partner. I was bracing for even MORE pain than I had before and was very surprised when there was no pain at all!

    It was a few years until I learned about how the intact penis glides back and forth within it's own sheath. The movement is all felt, just the same, but there is no pulling moisture out with each stroke, causing some to dry out, as with a circumcised penis. In addition to that, the inner lining of the foreskin, and the glans (tip) of the penis contribute moisture. The glans, after circumcision, has to form layers of skin to protect itself, so it it no longer covered with moist mucosa, as it was meant to be.

    People talk about an intact penis being dirty but, honestly, it is no where faintly resembling as dirty as female genitalia! Think about it! Females have multiple folds, a vagina, and an anus, all within the same big fold, while males have a blank space and a scrotum in between the anus and the penis. It literally takes 2 or 3 seconds to rinse under a foreskin in the shower, to keep it clean all day. Circumcised guys also need to wash their penises. It may take them one second less.

    During foreplay, the foreskin moves up and down on the glans, so that no lotion or other lubricant is needed. The foreskin tends to uncover most of the glans during at erection, but there is still enough for some movement, unlike with a circumcised penis, which has no movement.

    Since so many American men are circumcised, I should say that the most important thing, as far as relationships, is the MAN attached to the penis, but I look forward to the day when all men will be allowed to keep their normal penises throughout life, as in most of the rest of the world!

  • Intact is way better.

    I am a 28 year old girl who has had relationships with several cut and intact men. I prefer the look and feel of a complete penis.

    In particular rolling the foresking back and forth with my lips or hands really turns me on. I dont like dried out cut penises. Its an insult to nature.

  • Natural sex is way better

    As a female, I can attest to the fact that surgically altered genitals are incomplete and cause issues in the bed room. Some of those issues include premature ejaculations, erection quality, sensitivity issues which lead to erectile dysfunction later in life. Circumcised males are 450% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction in his lifetime. Circumcision is very taboo and frowned upon by most of the world.

  • They knew for thousands of years ....

    From Philo Judaeus of Alexandria in the 1st century, to Maimonides in the 12th, to J H Kellogg in the 19th, they knew that the foreskin contributed to pleasure (but they thought too much pleasure was bad for you, so they supported cutting it off).

    Maimonides said " It is hard for a woman with whom an uncircumcised man has had sexual intercourse to separate from him. In my opinion this is the strongest of the reasons for circumcision."

    Now most of us don't think too much pleasure is bad for us. In fact we think the pleasure of sex should be transcendental, and with all of ones parts, that is how it can be, for both partners.

  • Women like intact.

    It feels better during sex, no lube needed. It's easier to give handjobs to intact men as well. Intact men even have their own lubrication, and the foreskin keeps the natural lube INSIDE the woman, making sex more comfortable. The foreskin also has estrogen receptors and pheromone glands. Foreskin feels great.

  • Unnecessary cosmetic surgery for what?

    Why would a woman want LESS penis? I love my intact partner and his natural body. It scares and disgusts me when parents make this irreversible decision for their son when he is a baby for the sole reason of "mommy likes it" Are you going to get your daughter a boob job too? How sick of a country do we live in where doing this to a child is seen as a normal thing to do.

  • I prefer my sexual partners to have all of their genitals

    I will NEVER understand why anyone would want their sexual partners to be missing the most important, most sensitive and only moving part of their genitals. To me that would be like trying to play mouse trap with out the big crank you can still play the game but it is not nearly as much fun. Which after all that is why circumcision began in the US. To stop masturbation and to make sex less enjoyable.

  • Whole is best

    We all work and feel better when we have all of our body parts. Sex with a cut man is banging....Sex with a whole man is groovin'.
    This question is rather sexist; would you ever ask a man if he prefers sex with a woman whose genitals have been cut apart?

  • Whole is best

    We all work and feel better when we have all of our body parts. Sex with a cut man is banging....Sex with a whole man is groovin'.
    This question is rather sexist; would you ever ask a man if he prefers sex with a woman whose genitals have been cut apart?

  • Foreskin is the bimbo repellent.

    Females who prefer partial penis are more likely to be born and raised in a country that are pro-force genital cutting and are brainwashed into believing that it's better to have incomplete penis. They then force their sexual preference on their own children.
    As a female, I prefer men who have the WHOLE package.

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