Adult male circumcision: Does circumcision aid (yes) or harm (no) sexual performance?

  • Male circumcision is a personal choice

    I think male circumcision aids sexual performs in that there are less concerns about hygiene. When a man is not circumcised there is always that question of how clean can it be if it is hidden under skin. I know that it is able to be clean, but that concern is always lurking in the shadows.

  • Yes, it makes men more confident.

    Yes, male circumcision aids sexual performance, because a man is more confident in bed knowing that he looks like everyone else. A male in the United States that is not circumcised is in the minority. The women will be busy wondering if he looks different, rather than focusing on her relationship with the man.

  • Yes, circumcision aids in sexual performance.

    Circumcision aids in sexual performance because it keeps the male penis clean. Many people without circumcision have severe problems with keeping their penis clean. A penis that is not clean is not going to have the opportunity to have any type of sexual performance. Therefore a circumsized penis has better sexual performance.

  • Different.Not better or worse

    I was circumcised as an adult so know sex as an uncut and cut man.It's different,took some getting used to but overall its the same intensity.I had it done due to phimosis.Despite what anti-circ folk say creams etc are not a cure for phimosis..If u need it done,do it.If u dont,dont.Personally i can now relax and not worry about my ridiculously painful foreskin.Masturbation is different,neither good nor bad.Sex is the same

  • Seems to help

    Circumcision increases the girth of the head which is more pleasurable for the woman and there's also the added benefit for the man of more sensation. It's a bit of a tough argument to make from personal experience because you're either cut or you aren't, but I haven't had any complaints.

  • Circumcision is wrong

    Educate yourself. Read about the harm caused by this barbaric, unnecessary surgery. Learn about the danger to society from the monsters created by this torture. Many of the serial killers and murderers in the world were circumcised at birth. Coincidence? I wouldn't kill my circumcisor if he were still alive, but I would put him in the hospital. I would be tried and found, and do time for it. But I would be happy to hurt him badly. That's the kind of blind rage many of us who were harmed feel.

  • Circumcision ruins sex lives

    It is interesting that a urologist who gets paid for circumcisions would find no adverse effects for circumcision. It sounds like a slick snake oil salesman giving his pitch to lure unsuspecting customers to buy, buy, buy!

    Circumcised men and women report damage to sex life.

    Let the baby decide when he becomes an adult!

  • Loss of functions

    A circumcised penis loses part of its sensory functions (the fine touch receptors at the tip of the foreskin), causes progressive damage to the glans (dryness and toughening) and removes the mechanical function (the ability to glide the skin over the glans during intercourse).

    With the gliding function, the foreskin and the glans stimulate each other. Without foreskin, this stimulation is gone.

    The frenulum is always hurt through circumcision, yet most men who retain part of their frenulum consider it one of the most pleasurable parts of their penis. But many men have the frenulum completely removed during circumcision. This alone is a horrible harm.

    I understood the gliding function after undergoing 8 months of foreskin restoration, when I realized that my technique had been slowly intuitively changing without even realizing it, and the resulting orgasms were more intense. I understood the damage to the frenulum after I actively started looking for pictures of frenulums online and realized how badly harmed mine was.

  • Circumcision definitely harms sexual performance.

    Circumcision detracts from the natural function of the penis. The foreskin provides many protective and pleasurable purposes - who wouldn't want that? The gliding mechanism of the foreskin is an exquisite source of pleasure for both partners. No lube or jackhammering necessary!

    The male foreskin contains over 20,000 specialized nerve-endings; in contrast, the female clitoris contains only 8,000! Why would any man not want to have that; why would any parent want to deprive their son of a full and natural sex life?

    In Europe, where baby boys are not routinely mutilated at birth, boys and men are not running around with rampant infections. Men are happy to have 100% of the bodies they were born with, to use and enjoy as God/Nature intended. The foreskin is MEANT to be there. The rest of the civilized world looks at us Americans, still cutting our boys, with the same horror and disgust with which we look upon cultures who cut their girls.

    "When it comes to holding down perfectly healthy babies and severing flesh from their bodies, how much can you cut away before it becomes morally wrong?”

    But if an adult man elects to have the procedure - all power to him. By then he will be fully aware of what he is giving up. His body, his choice.

  • Say no to circumcision.

    I hate being circumcised. Knowing the fact that an unknown doctor has forcibly probed and sliced off the most sensitive part of my body gives me feelings of detachment and bitter rage. Knowing the fact that my parents never told me, and they do not care makes me even more bitter inside. I hope that circumcision will be banned and actual foreskin restoration (with nerve endings and special functions) will be a reality in my lifetime. I hate feeling like less of a man.

  • I Would Guess It Harms

    I would have to say it more than likely harms sexual performance. I'm sure there are nerve ending in the removed skin, not to mention the skin itself would probably add some sensation, not know to men who were circumcised. I believe there is potential that it would harm sexual performance in an overall sense.

  • Foreskin There for a Reason

    Mother Nature put foreskin on males for a reason, so why in the heck would someone want to cut it off in the first place? Circumcision isn't always a good thing as it could harm the adolescent development of male genitalia. The foreskin adds bulk to an erection so as to make the penis harder and more solid, thereby making the experience more pleasurable for everyone involved.

  • Circumcision is genetal mutilation

    I believe that adult male circumcision is akin to genital mutilation practiced by certain indigenous tribes. As such, it should be banned, regardless of its impact on sexual performance. I suppose one could argue that sexual performance is increased because of decreased sensitivity in the penis due to the circumcision, but that is irrelevant.

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