Adult male circumcision: Is a circumcised penis healthier in adulthood?

  • Yes it is.

    A circumcised penis is more healthier in adulthood then a non circumcised penis. You do not have to spend as much time cleaning it, and you do not have to worry about any infections starting up since it would not be able to hide underneath the extra skin that comes with not being circumcised.

  • Yes, they are easier to keep clean.

    Yes, a circumcised penis is healthier in adulthood, because it is easier to keep clean and healthy. A circumcised penis is more hygienic, and it does not take as long to wash it. It is easier to keep clean in the shower. A person who is circumcised is also less susceptible to STI's.

  • Yes, for most men.

    It might seem hard for a baby to take and some parents put it off, but circumcision in the long run is going to make that area of the body easier to care for and more hygienic. I have known parents who thought they would not do it and then had to do it later, which caused more trauma to a boy than to a baby.

  • Yes proven to less infection

    Yes a circumcised male penis has been shown to be cleaner and open to less infection then a non circumcised penis. If the penis is not circumcised the individual needs to take extra steps to clean it and help protect it from every becoming infected. Having it circumcised will save you from this.

  • An adult circumcised penis is a damaged appendage.

    Dried out glans. Missing erogenous tissue. Meatal Stenosis. Lifelong need for lubrication during sex and masturbation. This is not healthy.
    Also, a circumcised penis is still at risk of all the same STDs and infections and skin conditions as the intact male is.
    Want to keep your penis healthy? Then leave it whole, clean it daily with water and wear a condom during sex. It really is not that complex.
    Removing healthy body parts from a healthy appendage is not a healthy act.

  • The foreskin protects against diseases! Do not remove it!

    Is it not ridiculous to try to prevent AIDS by cutting off healthy undiseased tissue when the tissue that is cut off contains substances that fight against viruses such as HIV? Keeping the foreskin and education is safer than circumcision. If a man is foolish enough not to use a condom, or if the condom breaks, he can be safer with the foreskin than without it. Heterosexual uncircumcised men who wait ten minutes and wipe with a dry cloth are safer than circumcised men.
    "If we were to express the efficacy of delayed washing in the same way that the results of PrEP trials were reported, that is as relative risk reductions, this would mean that not washing immediately, but waiting for at least 10 minutes after intercourse before washing can reduce the risk of infection by 83%. Compare this to the 44% efficacy of Truvada in the iPrEx trial, the 39 % efficacy of tenofovir gel in reducing the risk of infection in women in the Caprisa 004 trial, and the 38-66% efficacy reported for circumcision over 24 months."

    The reason the foreskin provides protection is because it contains Langerin which is a barrier to HIV-infected Langerhan's cells thus making the foreskin the body's front line of defense against disease and infections such as HIV! De Witte wrote: "Langerin is a natural barrier to HIV-1 infection, and strategies to combat infection must enhance, preserve or, at the very least, not interfere with Langerin expression and function."
    de Witte L, Nabatov A, Pion M, et al. (March 2007). "Langerin is a natural barrier to HIV-1 transmission by Langerhans cells". Nature Medicine 13

    Condoms are safer and more effective at preventing STDs than circumcision. But Langerin in the foreskin is more effective than circumcision for those who do not use condoms.

  • It absolutely does not!

    Much like the eyelid, the foreskin PROTECTS the penis! The penis is an internal organ, meant to be protected and shielded from outside irritants. The mucous membrane blocks germs and such from entering the urinary tract. For those arguing that it is so much work, it takes less time to wash an intact penis than it does for a man to wash his hair or shave his face or wipe his butt after taking a dump. It is not a time consuming, bothersome task. As for problems in nursing homes, it is not the fault of the intact male if CNA's are not doing their job or don't have the support of their co workers to get the job done. Nursing home neglect does not warrant a risky cosmetic surgery to be done regularly on newborns.

  • It is a mutilated genital

    And since when are mutilated genitals considered "healthier"?

    Genital mutilation is a serious problem. And there is literally no reason to make a difference between boys, intersex or girls.

    This difference is completely cultural biased.

    Don't you think it's time to actually protect the boys and the intersex kids the same way we already protected girls?

  • Why cut yourselves?

    There is no medical difference between intact and circumcised men in studies which account for age, sexual partners and smokers. Using condoms, limiting sexual partners to those you trust, and washing yourself are all that are required to have a healthy penis. If you don't take care of yourself, it'll be nasty cut or not!

  • Of course not!

    Like all other mucosal tissues in the body such as the eyelids, mouth, nose, vagina, etc, the glans, which is an internal organ, is kept perfectly sensitive and moist by its protective covering called the foreskin. Without the foreskin, the glans keratinizes thereby causing sensitivity loss over the years from the constant rubbing on the clothes and increasing masturbatory roughness. Intact men don't use lube as we lock the natural vaginal fluids via our foreskin. We don't just slip in and slide. We glide...

  • Taking a shower is not hard enough to justify surgical amputation.

    Running water is kind of magical. It is so cool how it makes you clean, fresh, and smelling good. Surgical amputation does none of those things, sadly. Proper intact care for an fault is the easiest thing in the world - retract, rinse with plain water in the shower, and replace. Don't sleep around. Use common sense and condoms when appropriate. Having just part of your penis is, decidedly, *not* healthier.

  • If not being able to get an erection is healthier....

    Seeing that Israel and the United States has the largest numbers of consumers of erectile dysfunction medication, I'd say that being cut isn't really all it's cracked up to be late in life, add to that penile cancer is found in both cut and intact men, and it's less prevalent than male breast cancer, I'd say we have all been lied to by our medical community about the benefits of circumcision for many years.

  • Say no to circumcision

    Hello, my name is Vance. :)

    I was reminded at a very early age that MY penis is not my own and I do not have private parts.

    There was no reason to cut my foreskin off.
    I was born in a military hospital in Georgia.
    I am not Christian, but my parents are. Even still, the Bible denounces any body modifications.
    All my botched surgery did was permanently ruin my sex life and give the doctor that cut me an extra pay-check and an erection from feeling empowered.
    Of course this was when I was an infant, but it has given me psychological torment my whole life which hardly anybody understood.
    My botched procedure has given me complications known as penile and scrotal raphe split where the bottom of the scrotum to the upper portion of the shaft is ripped apart.
    I first noticed it slowly ripping apart when I was only four years old; wondering if this was natural, or if it had something to do with the scar around my penis.
    One day it totally ripped open from just sitting down in the bath tub and blood squirted everywhere. It was very painful but I did not yell for help and kept quiet to hide it from my parents.
    This was because we are all taught to not talk about our no-no's and it is very embarrassing to openly talk about it.
    This was caused by a jagged upheaval (caused from the amputation line) at the base which was irritated by the regular daily wear of undergarments.
    It has grown back with scar tissue that causes numbness/pain when touched, which I have and will live with for the rest of my life.
    I have gone to the urologist in Virginia (where I used to live) and he seriously just laughed in my face and did not give a crap.
    He told me that I had no condition and I was just exaggerating my pain, and to put some baby powder on it.
    What's done is done. A sensory organ is missing from me, and many other men (and women).
    I have inherently known throughout my life that little boys are not given the same human rights as little girls regarding American medical practices.
    I have started becoming a public Intactivist during the latter half of year 2012 until the day I die.
    I do not wish to remain anonymous.
    I want my story (and others’ stories) to be out in the public so people know the true harm of neonatal circumcision.

    My penis was probed and sliced at a very early age. I was reminded at four years old when my entire raphe split open due to my botched circumcision. I have to live the rest of my life with this.

    And on one more note, just to clarify...

    I did not consent to this non-consensual genital mutilation.

    I want my foreskin back.


  • Circumcision Health Benefits Murky

    Circumcision is supposedly beneficial in various ways, but its effects on adults are unfounded so far. In reality, circumcision is more of an aesthetic change than a health booster. A circumcised penis isn't healthier than one that isn't when a person reaches adulthood. Such differences are actually quite minute in reality.

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