Adult male circumcision: Is elective, adult male circumcision a good idea?

  • It's his body

    If an uncircumcised male decides later in life that he wants to be circumcised, it is his body and he should be allowed to do whatever he wants to it. It is a much better idea letting him decide on his own in adulthood than it is doing it to an innocent baby who has no choice in the matter.

  • Yes, it should be personal choice.

    Yes, if elective, adult male circumcision is a good idea, because there is no evidence that it is harmful. Each man should be able to make the choice for himself. Some say that circumcision can make a man's private areas cleaner. In the end, each man should have a choice, because it is painful.

  • Yes it is.

    Elective, adult male circumcision is a good idea. If someone wants to get their penis circumcised when they are an adult, then that is their right to do so. Women get breast implants and people do not think twice about it, and it is much riskier of a procedure then circumcision.

  • If they want it

    I think that if men what to have a circumsions then they should be able to have one. However, I still think that parents have a right to make that decision as well. There is no reason why a grown man couldn't decide to have the procedure as well though.

  • Adult male circumciion should be a personal choice

    Yes, I believe it should be an elective surgery. Circumcision is a private matter and if it is not executed by the parents as a child then it should be up to the individual if he would like to have this procedure done. There are many reasons that men feel it needs to be done such as cleanliness and hygiene, but in reality there is no standard reasons on why; for this reason it should be elective.

  • Circumcision has health benefits

    It's a proven fact that males circumcised are less likely to contract STD's, have a healthier sex life, in fact can enjoy sex more, and many other benefits. The latest and various crusades against male circumcision, erroneously linking it to female genital mutilation, are both misplaced, ill-informed and just downright bizarre.

  • Adult Male Circumcision Not Recommended

    Unfortunately, elective male circumcision in adults isn't a good idea. The health benefits of circumcision are largely ineffective for adults that weren't circumcised as children. A man shouldn't get circumcised as an adult because doing so is wholly unnecessary. With that in mind, circumcision isn't even that beneficial for infants.

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