• You should do your homework

    You have access to information and entertainment and to new ideas.
    A poor person who will never be able to leave his hometown can see the world from his or her phone.
    They can learn how to play the guitar they can learn crafts and how to fix things. A world famous guitarist in India learned to play guitar from just watching YouTube.
    You can broaden your horizons. You can get exposed to other cultures and learn different ideas the printing press advanced Europe but the internet advances the world.
    You can even ask for help on homework and people can give you answers.

    Now some people might say that the media is bad because bad people will give biased views and racists and trolls hide in the internet but have they thought about it? There are bad people everywhere you might have bad family members or live among negative influences. Cutting off the media will not prevent bad people from trying to radicalized people around them.

    In north Korea there is a suppression of the media they do not want information and ideas to spread. Media is what people use to communicate and we are social creatures
    Now there is too much media and obsession but there are people who help with that and it only affect a small number. And you ignore suicide prevention that comes from the media. It is good and bad and we are still learning about the media. It is still being developed.

  • Advantages of media

    Give me advantages of media please. Tomorrow will
    My debate copetition. My team is very important to
    Win the debate competition. Please give me
    Advantages of media points. My team was very
    Stressed for debate competition. Please give please
    Points on advantages on media on school
    My debate competition. My class 6.

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