Advertising for tobacco products should be banned: Are anti-smoking campaigns a good idea?

  • Yes, anti-smoking campaigns are a good idea.

    Smoking causes a lot of financial loss to our country. More sick days are used will illnesses related to smoking. Cancer and death are common among hard core smokers. The general public receives second hand smoke and can develop cancer without ever smoking. Anti-smoking campaigns have a chance to limit this damage.

  • Apparently people still do not understand the ramifications of smoking

    Yes. I believe that anti-smoking campaigns are a good idea. The effects of smoking have been highlighted for decades, yet new people continue to start smoking and existing smokers continue to smoke. Maybe if there is a louder warning signal the younger generation may get the point that smoking is not cool it is unhealthy and dangerous.

  • Yes they are.

    Anti smoking campaigns are a good idea. These anti smoking campaigns are one of the best things to fight against people from starting smoking, and help convince them to stop smoking if they are already doing it. Smoking is probably the worst possible thing that you can do to your body.

  • Yes anti-smoking campaigns are a good idea.

    Anti-smoking campaigns are a great idea since a smoker can watch them and see exactly what can happen to them. They were not around a while ago and I did not think about what I was doing when I was smoking, now I am afraid every time i just have one cigarette because the amount of adds they play. It is a scare tactic, but it is very effective.

  • Smoking Is Very Deadly

    Considering smoking kills more than 5 million people worldwide per year, yes tobacco products should be banned and anti-smoking campaigns are a great idea. I'm not crazy about making something used by so many people illegal, but when looking at the effects that second hand smoke has on children, it's an easy decision for me.

  • Anti-smoking-campaign should be illegal

    After all the problems smoking causes you.It is still better than drugs ,and even tought it will be forbidden perple will still be smoking because the forbidden is the most wanted thing.I personaly dont like people to be smoking,but I prefer them to smoke than to consume drugs if they dont smoke or consume drugs it will be better for all of us. 👍

  • Anti-smoking campaigns are not a good idea.

    Anti-smoking campaigns are not a good idea. We should not fill our media with anti-smoking campaigns because those who smoke will decide if they want to do it or not. There are no ads out there that will convince people to quit smoking. I think they should leave the issue alone.

  • Anti-smoking campaigns are a good idea.

    Anti-smoking campaigns are a good idea because they encourage people to quit smoking. Smoking is harmful to people's health and more people should quit. Anti-smoking campaigns can also stop potential smokers from getting addicted. Although they are often graphic and disturbing, anti-smoking advertisements do a public service and help protect our health.

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