Advertising for tobacco products should be banned: Should advertising for tobacco products be banned?

  • Tobacco causes serious health issues

    Yes, I think advertising for tobacco products should be banned. It is proven that smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer and an abundance of other health issues. While chewing tobacco causes gum cancer and other issues. Companies should not be allowed to advertise products that will ultimately harm the user's body.

  • Advertising for tobacco products should be banned

    The advertising for tobacco products should be banned and the packaging should show graphic illustrations of the long term effects of smoking on the body. Smoking should not be glamorized or endorsed as the cool thing to do. It shouldn't be rapped about or glorified in movies as what the slick movie stars like to do. It's an addictive habit that introduces harmful chemicals into the users body while spreading a toxic chemical laden cloud into the area surrounding the smoker.

  • Tobacco Products Don't Need Advertising

    Tobacco companies shouldn't be allowed to advertise their products in print or on television. In reality, these products serve no beneficial purpose for anyone. Their advertisement is directly linked to ill consequences, including cancer and death. Therefore, these products don't deserve any marketing or advertising through any medium at the moment.

  • This Is A Waste Of Time

    I would love to see all advertising banned, but no one is going to support that, especially not corporate America and they are the one's really running the government. I don't specifically support tobacco ads, because I think they're quite foolish and they certainly don't sway my buying habits, even though I am smoker. I think it is wrong for us to ban something just because we don't like it or we think it may be harmful, or whatever other excuse we can come up with.

  • No they have a right to advertise

    Tobacco companies have every right to advertise. Until their products are completely banned advertising should be allowed. I don't think they should advertise to children in any way but they still should be given the freedom to advertise when they need to. To take away this right would be a violation.

  • Tobacco advertising should be allowed

    Advertising for tobacco products should be allowed. Although tobacco products are harmful to people's health, they are perfectly legal and can be purchased by adults. Therefore, advertising should be allowed, just like it is allowed for soft drinks or skin care products. Advertising helps customers make purchasing decisions and builds brand awareness.

  • If people want to smoke, let them smoke.

    Advertising for tobacco should not be banned. At this time smoking is still legal as it should be. If someone wants to smoke and they are of legal age to do so, let them smoke. Everyone is informed of the dangers of tobacco. People who smoke are aware of what they are doing to their bodies. If someone wants to put harmful chemicals in their own body nobody else has a right to tell them not to do so. As for the tobacco companies, they have every right to make a profit. If people quit smoking they would quit making cigarettes. Why can't everyone just mind their own business and let the people do what they want to do?

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