Advertising for tobacco products should be banned: Would a ban on advertising decrease consumption?

  • IT should be banned

    It is immoral and wrong. I do not support it at all. Tobacco commercials can influence people who are currently non smokers to go out and smoke. Due to the second hand effects of tobacco, advertising for its products should be banned to make it clear that it is an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of society as a whole.

  • Yes, a ban on advertising tobacco products would decrease consumption.

    A ban on tobacco advertising would decrease consumption over time. The hardcore tobacco user would continue to use it, but new users would decrease drastically over a period of 10 years or more. A lack of advertising would also help people who were choosing to quit. They would not see more ads which would make it easier on them.

  • Ban Tobacco Advertising To Reap Rewards

    Without a doubt, smoking poses a great hazard to millions of Americans daily through first-, second-, and third-hand smoke. If we ban tobacco advertisements, then consumption will decline by a noticeable amount over the next few years. Americans should actually be more informed about the detrimental health impacts of tobacco.

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