Aereo TV: Should we all just go back to four channels on antenna television?

  • It doesn't matter.

    In ten years you will get all your entertainment over wifi or maybe something newer and faster. TV is already irrelevant and will be dead and gone in less then 20 years. Programming will be aimed at and consumed by target audiences over various video devices. Some will be free, paid for by advertising, others will charge a subscriber fee for smaller markets. You won't have to wade through 150 plus Channels to find 2 or 3 you like. Just choose the ones you want on your device and enjoy. Anytime, any place.

  • Variety is the Spice of Life

    Having four channels was dull, not only that, but it would limit the marketing and advertising space for companies meaning advertisements on tv would go up in cost and smaller companies would not be able to compete to have tv marketing campaigns. As time evolves, so has the variety and te technology and I would not want to go backwards

  • No, its like going back in time.

    Why should we go back to four channels, when we are technology advanced to provide more. I highly doubt four channels is enough for most people. Are you kidding? To have smart people spend time and effort to create such systems for more channels and want to get rid of it? No Way. It may cut down the time people watch television, but in the end it is there choice to decide what they want to watch and how long they want to watch it for. Bad idea to go back to four channels

  • No, I still like my service

    Although I think with all the ways you can stream tv shows that you don't have to have cable. I still would rather just turn to a channel, then to have to stream it and worry about connection speed. I do not like watching my favorite shows on my Ipad the screen is too small and just prefer regular tv.

  • No, we should not go back to four channels on antenna television.

    No, we should not go back to four channels on antenna television. People are too used to having various outlets of media at their fingertips. Why limit their choices to four channels? It would be better if they eliminated this suggestion completely and got rid of television and used the internet as their primary source instead.

  • Hundred Plus Channels is Here to Stay

    We will not be going back to 4 channels and an antenna anytime soon. The Aereo decision was about paying companies to use their products, not limiting the number of stations available. Networks need to be paid for their content in order to profit from their investments. Giving away everything for free is not economically viable.

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