Affirmative action: Is affirmative action good public policy?

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  • Doesn't solve the root issue

    While affirmative action may be an interim necessity, all it really does is reverse the discrimination picture. As well, the slant people are taking is that affirmative action is some recompense for historic issues that may not apply to the individual. This kind of identity politics just worsens the picture, breeds entitlement over equalizing the picture.

    It is supposed to be about breeding a more accepting population. In that respect, the intent should have ALWAYS been to abolish affirmative action as the picture improves.

    Added to this, it is not selective in its application. It basically equates the group and the economic status of the person, when it is far more complex. Especially now that we have come so far with regards to acceptance. It is currently more likely in the states, per capita, that a hispanic woman will complete university than white man. This shows that the balance has swung, begging the question of whether or not affirmative action applies anymore even now.

  • Academics actually matter

    Affirmative action is a stupid concept. In addition, all students should be judged on their academic grades and extracurricular activities. Some students of a minority can get horrid grades and still get in, whereas a White kid with a 90 might not be able to get in for "his quota has been filled." Those minorities have an unfair advantage, and students in said minorities can bomb, and get in, whereas hard workers might not get in. Don't tell me that "diversity matters" for the best students get the best jobs.

  • The Joke of Affirmative Action

    When affirmative action was initiated in the 1960s, it was portrayed as giving the black man a leg up so he would stand on equal footing with a white man. Unfortunately, though, this has evolved into a system that actively supports the rights of blacks over whites, so affirmative action now discriminates against whites instead of equalizing blacks.

  • No - Affirmative Action Hurts Minorities Because It Doesn't Give Them Enough Credit

    No, affirmative action is not good public policy, because it casts a shadow on minority persons who graduate from elite institutions. People may question whether the person would have been admitted to the institution without affirmative action, and may not give the person the credit that they actually deserve, if they could have been admitted without any special exceptions. It would be better to make exceptions in admissions policies for hardship or economic conditions of the applicant, without regard to race.

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