Affirmative action: Is Affirmative Action necessary to achieve equal opportunity?

  • Opportunity among races and genders.

    A white person's opportunity compared to a black person's oppurtunity. We are all well aware that there are many more ghettos and hoods with blacks than whites, that means that the schooling in black communities will be more often worse than schooling in white communities. Now, with that in mind, who is more qualified to get into Harvard or Yale, your average Black person who graduated with a 3.8 GPA, or your average white person who graduated with a 4.0 GPA. The answer is that the Black person most likely had to work harder through a less funded school system to earn a 3.8, than the white person who always was in the great school district. That means not only that the black person is more qualified, but also that when he gets to the specified university that he will be a harder worker. Affirmative action is necessary to achieve equal equality.

  • Affirmative action could be used to equalize genders and races even more.

    What everyone is ignoring that we could be using affirmative action by looking at two equally qualified people and selecting the minority (or the female if we are discussing gender). It would still be affirmative action, but there would be more diversity in all fields and everyone would be qualified.

  • Affirmative Action a Necessity

    Unfortunately, Affirmative Action is necessary to achieve equal opportunities for people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations. The country would look a lot different without Affirmative Action, and it wouldn't look all that good. Affirmative Action is necessary because our country still contains plenty of bigots and others that like oppressing other groups.

  • Affirmative action is a strong step to equalize the playing field

    Many folk don't believe that affirmative action is right, because it suggests that a race needs more help than the other. but the facts are there, without AA many qualified candidates get passed over simply because of their race. With affirmative action in play they have at least the opportunity to be seen.

  • Race based AA isn't

    But socio economic based affirmative action would give poor people who've likely had a harder life than their rich counter part an advantage and a chance of becoming part of the middle class. If a rich black person is given the advantage over the poor white person than the playing field isn't being leveled or evened, it's becoming less even.

  • Affirmative Action is Outdated

    Once upon a time, when Lyndon B. Johnson proposed Affirmative Action black people had to have a little something extra with them to get a job thanks to residual racism, here in the South especially. Now Affirmative Action is overkill. Not only do we not need it anymore, but it forces employers to reject otherwise superior candidates simply because they are white.

  • Outdated, Racist, Etc.

    We must ensure that all peoples have equal opportunities, but this doesn't mean that one group of people should be favored over the other. Admission to a University or hiring to a job should be based purely upon the applicant's body of work, anything else is problematic. What we should be focusing on is creating more opportunities for minorities to find work.

  • No, Affirmative Action is very important, but it is not the only method, haw to achieve an equal opportunity.

    I am convinced that Affirmative Action is very important way, how to achieve an equality of opportunities. Some social and ethnic groups are discriminated against. They have no chance to get an adequate job without any advantages and support. People are rejected from job on the basic of their gender, race or sexual orientation. Therefore they neet to be somehow favoured. Affirmative Action or in other words positive discrimination is very important official way of support.

  • It is essentially a racism cover-up.

    A smart person should not be denied the ability to go somewhere because of a race. While diversity is important, equality is more important. Race is out of a person's control. Nobody should be rejected a position because of something they can't control. It is racism. What it says is that a person is smart enough to go to accept this position, but we can't allow that because of his/her race.

  • Out of date

    This may have been a good idea years ago but now employment is accessible to anyone with the right experience and qualifications.
    To gain a job where Affirmative action has played a part belittles to employee and undermines their success in acquiring the role.
    I would really struggle to explain that I had factored this in to any recruiting process and had in result favoured someone over the otherwise best candidate if they were not so without.

  • Affirmative Action is not necessary.

    Affirmative Action is not necessary. It does not help to achieve equal opportunity. It actually provides special treatment to people who do not need it. Affirmative Action creates racism. It takes away the idea that qualified individuals come in every race. Nobody needs affirmative action. It should have been taken away years ago.

  • Out Dated System

    Affirmative Action is basically reverse racism. We need to understand that in order for us to progress, we can't look at race for our sole basis in making decisions. Each individual's own actions and credentials are what define who they are, what they are capable of, and if they are worthy for a particular position. We can't simply give leeway to one person who just happens to be a member of a minority group over someone who is not a member of a minority sect, but is actually a far more qualified candidate over the other individual. Yes, it is right to have anti-discrimination laws in place to prevent such baseless prejudices. However, affirmative action isn't compatible with pure anti-discrimination beliefs. In the case that if there are employers who are following racist prejudices, then obviously they are violating anti-discrimination laws, and that case should be used against them. Education and ability mean more than weak racial judging in a modern world that requires smart individuals to advance society.

  • This Isn't What We Need

    Instead of something like affirmative action, there needs to be programs for education and job training. Furthermore, affirmative Action is just reverse discrimination- although it was necessary for a time, it is now time to remove barriers for everyone, not jus minorities. Affirmative Action isn't necessary for equal opportunity: as Horace Mann said almost 100 years ago, "Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery."

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