Africa will never bypass the west in terms of development.

Asked by: DesmondFrimpong
  • Yes it will.

    Yes it will. The only reason why a lot of African countries are having this issues is do to colonialism. Britain and the major colonial powers in Africa constructed infastructure for mineral extraction, not to help the native people, but to help themselves and their 'empire'. In addition to that Britain turned tribes against each other, and that was a clever move on their part, since they didn't have to waste a lot of their resources, they could have relied in their native allies. Last time I checked, Africa's economies are one of the fastest growing in the world, and their governments are increasing spending in education, etc. This notion that Africa will never be developed is idiotic. Last time I checked, Britain and all major western powers also had agricultural based economies. The notion that it is exclusive to Africa is wrong. Africa will develop, Africa will become a better place, and Africa will rise.

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