African languages in African schools: Should native tongues take precedence over Western languages in African schools?

  • Freedom of speech should also include speaking in your native tongue

    Countries worldwide teach in their own native languages and it should not be any different for African countries and their schools. The Western world should not be allowed to erase African culture which includes their native tongue. Forcing learners to learn in western languages which they are unfamiliar with or don't speak at home could decrease moral and could lead to lower grades in pupils.

  • They have the right to speak and learn the language/languages of their choice.

    Each and every person no matter who or where they are from has the right to speak and or learn what Ever language they want to learn if these people are from Africa they should learn their own native language without being pressured into learn a language that an outsider thinks they should learn.

  • No, native toungues should not take precedence over Western languages in schools.

    The Western languages in Africa are growing in acceptance at an alarming rate. This is why the Western languages should take precedence over native tongues of Africa in the schools. In the near and distant future the majority will be speaking in Western languages. The African languages are slowly diminishing.

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