African Union: Should countries in Africa become a political and economic union?

  • Yes, a union would help stability.

    Yes, a political and economic union in Africa would help with stability, and would reduce crime and corruption. A union would increase accountability, and allow Africa to put laws into place that have been tried by other unions around the world that have been proven to be beneficial. Africa should try anything that might improve stability and the economy in the area.

  • There is still too much turmoil.

    It seems every few weeks, a new African country is going through civil war. If it's not civil war, it's genocide. If it's not genocide, its starvation. If its not civil war, its just war. How can a continent with so many issues become unified? Some countries will be a strain on others economically. Forcing political ideologies will cause even more tension between nations. It is not a good idea.

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