African Wild Dogs: Is the value of African Wild Dogs to the African ecosystem undervalued?

  • yES IT IS

    African Wild Dogs have disappeared from much of their former range. Their population is currently estimated at approximately 6,600 adults in 39 subpopulations, of which only 1,400 are mature individuals. Population size is continuing to decline as a result of ongoing habitat fragmentation, conflict with human activities, and infectious disease

  • There is a web of life.

    The web of life in Africa is very delicate. There are some animals that have a large population and there are other animals that keep that population in check. Each animal is very important to the ecosystem, and that is how so many animals are able to survive in Africa. The wild dogs are just an example of this.

  • They are not seen as important.

    African wild dogs have a bad reputation in the regions to which they are local because of their dangerous nature and because they are not believed to contribute to the unique status of the environment in the same way as other dangerous carnivores, such as lions. However, the evidence does suggest that wild dogs, who are incredibly successful predators, do a great deal to maintain the local ecosystem and cull over-breeding populations of smaller animals.

  • Yes, all creatures exist for a reason

    Nature is a delicate balance. As we have seen many times before the loss of a creature from an environment can result in drastic changes. The loss of African Wild Dogs could have vast and unforeseen consequences. The first of which that comes to mind is the overpopulation of the prey animals on which it feeds.

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Gareth_BM says2016-12-21T19:47:36.720
I think this is a question for an expert not a random pool. I'm pretty sure most people here don't know anything about the details of complex ecosystems and how important one specific species is.