After all ISIS has done, do we Americans feel more willing to have boots on the ground once again?

Asked by: TitoOlondriz
  • Boots on ground

    And stay there! Obama pulled out way to fast even George bush and co. Knew they would only spell disaster for the area. This isis take it to another level though,my hey make it their mission to piss off anyone and everyone eno they feel like first. We should act swift and harshly and re-establish ourselves as THE global power once again .

  • Lets use Logic

    Watch, Read:
    The real problem is that rebel group like ISIS believe in death to non-believers. I don't understand why. This is what happened in Germany, lack of individualism and intimidation to covert human to your ideas, so the next generation grows up with those ideas. They are taught to hate, humans should not be taught hate because we were made to love each other.

    The use of military would be a great idea, sadly it would leave thousands dead on both sides, but when we have groups singing out songs about how the world kill every American if they could, well we should stop the problem now before they get powerful.

    I'm I saying all Muslims are bad, no not at all. I know some and they are just like any other human, friendly and funny, just most of them have been taught to hate.

  • Key word, WILLING

    The question here is if Americans are more willing, not that we do believe that USA should intervene. I strongly believe that the idea of deploying boots back in that region has become a much more welcomed idea as opposed to bush's proposition of WMD. Do I believe america should in fact send troops? No, I don't, but I would understand why they did if they do.

  • If not us the. Who?

    It has become increasingly clear that if we do not stop this illegal and radical group from the terror crusade then no one will. We must dispense of ISIS while we still can, we cannot afford to wish we had acted when we could have 10 years from now. While they are still a young and fragile organization we need to do more than contain there growth, we must end its very existence.

  • Stand up to naked aggression!

    These people have made it clear that hey won't stop until the world is under their caliphate. What could be worse than a group that kills women for learning or bearing their hair, that responds to blasphemy with murder. This is eerily similar to the rise of Nazi Germany. The world didn't want to fight when they had the Munich conference and look at the horrors that resulted. We'll be pulled in eventually. How many innocents should die before then?

  • Yes we can!

    Yes I believe the USA doesn't need to get involved but in order to re-establish our credibility as a nation we must act. We are a leading power both in the UN and globally . It may be considering interfering but so is killing innocent Americans and all other people for the false belief that these warlords promise them, getting into heaven etx.. Most suiciide bombers are under 16 and can't even read the Koran and this is what they are told to do . Evil

  • Yes we can!

    America needs to be strong in these perilous times. I like seeing Jordan Israel and Saudi arabia teaming up to fight such a terror , maybe USA intervention isn't necessary but if America wants future generations to respect them as a country then I know they have to take action: I'm not hair talking mercenaries and drone strikes

  • Not my problem.

    ISIS has killed around 10,000 innocent people last year. During the the war in Iraq, Americans killed a minimum of 200,000 innocent Iraqis. ISIS has a maximum army of 35,000 Sunni Muslims who want to take over the Middle East. They would be crushed everyone in the immediate area if we left them alone. Jordan, Iran, Syria, the U.A.E., and Egypt have troops fighting ISIS. Why should America go fight?

  • None of our business

    ISIS is not currently posing any threat to the people living in mainland US. Stepping back into the territory of Middle East will cause massive civilian casualty, and leave more US soldiers with PTSD. More innocent families, both American and Middle Eastern, will get ripped apart as the result. Further action should be taken only when the safety of mainland US is under threat.

  • Provisional Support, No boots please.

    Lets be honest here, the United States don't know how to wage a ground war - Iraq and Afghanistan. The neighboring countries are more than powerful enough to defeat ISIS if they would stand against them on a united front. Therefore, the united states should provide limited support and diplomatic guidance.

  • Completely pointless effort, will not solve anything, waste of time.

    Okay, so first obviously ISIS is doing really bad things and should be stopped. But dropping more Americans in the area will not do anything except maybe please some people temporarily. It wont solve any problem, it wont do anything productive or stable in the long term. The problem is, America is too authorative, in the sense that people who do not view america as the absolute truth, which is most of the world by the way, will not agree with its opinion, and chalk up america's disagreement and criticism to america being ignorant and sticking its nose into everywhere as usual. So what needs to happen, is literally every nation in the world that does not agree with ISIS action, which is pretty much the entire world, launch a joint campaign thats not lead by or have american total authority in anyway. What im saying is, america and americans needs to let go of there huge ego, and their influence in the world just this once, so that we can end the extremist movement in the middle east permanantly. The reason why america has 0 impact on the region long term is because they hate america, so america oppresing and shutting down their operation and disagreeing with them does not discourage them but instead turns those who failed in to martyr and role models to spark more extremists. But if the entire world is agaisnt them and willing to take measures to stop them, then maybe the next generation will see that not only is america agaisnt them the world is activiely aginast them and their efforts will be futile and finally stop this nonsense.

  • History Will Repeat Itself

    History has shown us that American involvement in the Middle East only proves to provoke radical leaders in the Middle East to lash out toward America despite our intentions. Additionally, we already tried to sneakily influence the Middle East and once that scandal was outed, America was put in a bad light. I believe working against ISIS without more global aid will only cause more trouble and more terrorist attacks in the United States.

  • I Don't Care

    ISIS are not dangerous to the mass population of the US. They are only heavily involved in events in the Middle East and Europe. It is not smart for the US to intervene and get entangled in the complicated matters in the Middle East. In addition, the US has played the role of "International Police" in the past for multiple times and most of them didn't end well.

  • Bad Track Record

    Every time that US attempts to get involved in foreign affairs, it ends up doing more harm than good. The US is still not directly involved in the conflict and should wait to see if involvement is really a necessary course of action. There are already forces fighting ISIS and the US has no valid reason to get involved.

  • No business in the middle east

    They are having conflicts in the middle east because of the religious differences they have. We as americans should not help. Those people fight for their religion not only because they are followers but also because their families and ancestors are worshippers. They should be able to fight for their own religion.

  • It is none of the US's business.

    Every time the US pokes it's nose into Middle Eastern affairs the result is almost always disastrous, the rise of ISIS was facilitated by the instability caused by the unprovoked invasion of Iraq, the rise of ISIS was facilitated after the US funded the "moderate" rebels in Syria.

    ISIS is not in any way a threat to the US mainland but is a threat to the regional powers (Saudi, Turkey and Iran). The reason they do not get along is because they have no incentive or deterrent to do so. Once the US minds its own business then the regional powers will have a reason to look for a long term solution.

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