After Coronavirus/Covid-19 eventually ends, Are you afraid of the next pandemic? Is Coronavirus a Biblical plague?

  • Other Outbreaks Still Could Be Dangerous

    Just because I've survived through a major pandemic, Doesn't mean I will survive the next one, And this experience will help me keep my guard high, Because this could happen again, Could be next week, Next month, You get it. So I'm not going to completely forget about this, Because I've survived it.

  • Situation post corona outbreak

    Corona outbreak has taught so many learning lessons to every nations around the world. It has showed a real picture to every country about their stands in terms of health infrastructures and preparedness to such unprecedented situations. I reckon, Post this outbreak, All nations will focus to improve their weak area such as health sectors, Research and Development, And will try to be self-reliant.

    How corona virus has spread, I would not go in that detail, But I would discuss those areas, Where this pandemic has had bad impact. First is health sector, Each country especially developing countries within own will try to increase budget to this areas and develop and attract high skilled people from around the world.

    This virus spread, As we are all aware, Has severely impacted economy. Unemployment rate is on high. People are being laid off. This will definitely push all countries to concentrate of becoming self reliant by producing all necessary products within the country wherever possible. They will need to improve the areas, Which can help them to be self dependent such producing local products and developing local markets, Will import only things, Which are highly necessary. In current scenarios, All small or medium countries are dependent on other developed or wealthy countries for supplies and are struggling to contain this outbreak in their territory

    Due to this pandemic, Countries must have learnt to concentrate on innovation and development, Which they had been ignoring for years. For example, All nations are working round the clock to invent medicines. Developing countries must have allocate funds in this area.

    This Pandemic has increase co-ordination among several nations, As all are fighting with same cause. One country is exporting medicines to another country in order to curb the contagious disease. Not only medicines but also all necessary equipment such as PPE, Ventilators etc are being exported. In case of next pandemic, Which I pray must not come, But it comes, All nation will come together to fight with it.

    I think, This outbreak has taught many a good lessons, Which no one will forget for next 3-4 decades. Countries will

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