After defeating the Capitals, do the New York Rangers have what it takes to win the Stanley Cup?

  • Yes, Rangers Can Go the Distance

    This season the New York Rangers are fast. They are faster than they have been in over a decade. Last year they went to the Stanley Cup Final, but they did not have the speed they have now. If they are able to maintain this speed on the ice, while also staying agressive with their offense, the Stanley Cup should be in their hands.

  • The Rangers don't have it

    The Rangers don't have it. This is because there is too much pressure on them now. And if they aren't that used to winning then they could fall under it. However, if they muster up all they're worth and just focus on the game it is still possible for them to win.

  • No. They don't have what it takes to win the Cup

    I don't believe the New York Rangers have what it takes to win the Stanley Cup. They haven't played as well as they should have and the only team they've faced in the playoffs that gave them any kind of competition was the Capitals. I believe they got lucky defeating the Capitals and will lose the Stanley cup.

  • The Rangers momentum doesn't mean Stanley Cup

    The New York Rangers have been on a roll in the Stanley Cup playoffs, last night they beat the Capitals to advance into the Conference Finals. Many sports analysts and fans of the team predict that they'll make into the Finals and win the Stanley Cup this year. The Rangers have had a good year and they deserve to be in contention, however before they can make it into the final rounds they have to face Tampa Bay Lightning. Even though they've got momentum heading into the next game, in sports everything's unpredictable. We've seen teams who've been good all season, but miss out on the final game for the championship. We've also seen underdog teams win the championship over a big league team. It's hard to say whether the Rangers will make it into the Stanley Cup Final, but all eyes are going to be on New York in the next game.

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