After each terrorist attack, the police finds a Middle Eastern passport which survived the explosion, is this logical?

Asked by: oualid
  • It's logical at certain points.

    Set aside the theories about fake passports, government's conspiracy, and etc , focus on the logical explanation whether a passport has such durability to withstand an impact of a bomb. Most suicide bombers prefer bombs that effectively kill civilians rather than destroy buildings because high death toll psychology effect is greater than destroyed landmarks. In this case, bombs that contain dense volume of shrapnel like nails and metal pieces are their choice. This kind of bombs does not contain substance or ingredient that could harm passport greatly, unless the suicide bombers use Napalms then the passport is likely turn into ash.

  • It is non-logical at all

    First of all, a piece of paper, if you thrown it into the fire, of course the paper will burn easily as paper is one of the thing that can make the fire become more smoldering. Even a small child also can think a simple think like this. In short, it is not logical at all after each of the terrorist attack, the passport was found to be survived in the explosion. How come a passport which are made up from papers can survived in the explosion? The people die in the explosion but the passport survived. Are the passport indestructible and hard to burn it? There is no such thing. After each of the terrorist attack, the police will found the Middle Eastern passport there, in my view, it is like a kind of set up by the attackers to blame the Middle Eastern people. They like wanted to show to the world that the Middle Eastern people is actually the terrorist. From the current news that I have been read before, the Middle Eastern passport that was found is actually fake and it is also confirmed. Those fakes were almost certainly made in Turkey, according to what police sources told. There is also a report from the Greek officials said one of the two passport was held by someone who had registered as a refugee on the Greek Island of Leros on 3 October. They also claims that the fake Middle Eastern passport have become a valuable commodity and freely traded on the black market which this help them ease the path for non-Middle Eastern people to get protection as refugee in the country. The logical answer to this issue is the passports was actually being planted which it was planted at the scene of the attacks. For sure, it is no need for the citizens to have such fake passports in their own country. Personally, from my point of view, it doesn't make sense at all that the passports have survived in the explosions and it don't have any logical connection at all.

  • That is not logical

    For me,it to hard to prove that the police can find a pasport.How they find that pasport?.When explosion happen,all the objects that are close will be destroyed.And another point.That is weird to say that,the police can find a small pasport in chaos situation.For me,`my be` they have a planning to blame Islam in order to get respond to their citizen and the the islamphobia will increase suddenly.I read in newspaper and news from internet,they have many different story.That is my opinion.TQ

  • Only the dumb will trust it

    In my view, the media or the polices out of evidences. They didn't have any proof to blame criminals, i mean they want to blame muslim. Why must the bomber left his/her passport when bombing? How can the passport survived while the peoples not? Its funny, the passport maybe made up from high quality materials such as titanium etc. So, you can think it yourself. Its logic Middle Eastern passport survived in a big explosion?

  • It is illogical things

    When the terrorists to act,there is no need for them to bring a passport to prove their identity,especially for them who sacrifice their own body. And most of us believe that the terrorists do not want leave any information which would trouble their families. It maybe happen that the passport of terrorists are found occasionally,but it is illogical things if a Middle Eastern passport is find in the location of explosion after each terrorist attack.

    In addition,it is hard for the paper certificate to survive in the scene of explosion,because papers are more likely to be burned in the fire. So, if every time the passport of the Middle Eastern are found survive ,which is not logical.

  • It is not logical at all.

    Clearly, it not make any sense that the passports would have survived explosions. As all we know, passport is a small thing that make from a paper and it easy to burn and wet. If we put a passport on fire it will be burn and how it will survived?Its not logical at all. Latest news already told us that the passport is a fake. So,we can see that they might be plan something to blamed Middle Eastern people for terrorist.. It makes the least sense that French citizens would have fake Syrian passports, and would bring them to the attacks, only for police investigators to conveniently “find” them at the scene of the crimal.

  • I am not sure about that.

    In my opinion its just like a conspiracy that doing by someone who want to blame the middle eastern citizens. Maybe, it makes the least sense that French citizens would have fake Syrian passports, and would bring them to the attacks. If true, that the middle eastern citizens do the attack by bomb themselves, why they bring along the passport together?? I think, the attacker are not stupid enough to reveal their identity easily to people. By the way, only God know all the truth about this situation. We as a human being,can not predict what happen next in our future.

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