After news of the abuse and his gun purchase, do you think that Axl Rose has a mental illness?

  • Yes, Axl Rose Suffers from Mental Illness

    Whether the abuse and gun purchase were a cry for attention, or because he is under the impression that he is acting correctly, it is clear that he suffers from mental illness. Axl Rose has gone on record stating that he was diagnosed as a manic-depressive. Further, he was arrested several times for assault, diagnosed as bipolar and put on lithium, and underwent anger management therapy. His actions and the various diagnoses are clearly not descriptive of a sane person.

  • Yes, probably brought on from years of drug use.

    I'm not a huge Guns n Roses fan, but I've heard enough of them and seen enough about them to be pretty sure that although they may be rock stars and role models, they've probably gone through years of drug use and abuse. I doubt Rose would have such problems had he been clean for his entire career, but it's probably a combination of gradual decline in brain functions and addlement from drug use over the years, I suspect.

  • Yes, he is probably in need of ongoing treatment

    Axl Rose has a history of domestic violence allegations. He has allegedly been under treatment by mental health professionals on and off since his teen years. His behavior includes anger management issues, along with possible psychosis. Rose apparently can flip on a dime, going from calm and loving to enraged in an instant.

  • No mental illness

    He should see the correct individuals to determine whether he has a mental illness or not. If so, his possession of a firearm should be carefully reviewed. Mental instability and painfully easy access to unlimited ammunition and weaponry is causing significant pain to our friends and neighbors in our country. His health should be the primary concern.

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