After six consecutive male champions, will American Idol finally have a female winner in 2013?

  • I think it can happen.

    I think that America likes to choose the best singer to win on American Idol, not just the best male. There is always a very good chance that a female will be the big winner of the competition. Only time will tell, but I bet we will see a female up there.

  • America Will Want a Change.

    At some point, America will make a choice to change the course of things. I believe that after six consecutive males have won the competition, a female will win this time around. Otherwise, it would make the show more boring for viewers and they will eventually stop watching. Feminists will cry discrimination. It's the way the country works.

  • I Think They Will

    I believe that American Idol will finally have another female winner. It is long over due in my opinion. There are quite a few females that I though should have won in the past years that did not. There's many talented women out there and I think one will succeed this time.

  • We Can't Predict With Certainty.

    It's certainly possible a woman might win, but it's not guaranteed. To say it's certainly a woman is committing the "gambler's fallacy." A series of uniform, independent events does not increase the likelihood of another event occurring. There would need to be proof that a dependent variable exists in the events that influences future events.

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