After Steubenville, does America need to change its attitude about rape?

  • I've heard too many people show sympathy for the rapists in this case.

    They say "oh no, now there careers will be ruined!" Or "if she didn't want to be raped, she shouldn't have been in that situation in the first place." Even if she is irresponsible, that does not mean she deserved to be raped. That girl has been victimized too much and those football players are getting what they deserve.

  • Yes, we do

    We as a nation are a sick bunch of people. We sit here and we cheer for football players who rape our daughters. We idolize athletes and blame the victims of these awful crimes. Shame on us for doing such a thing. We need to wake up and change our ways.

  • We as a people need to.

    We as people need adjust what we believe when it comes to rape. Way too many of us are quick to shame the victim instead of helping. Our preconceived notions are that any case of rape involving women, and even men, are a result of them being either too easy, or drunk, or actually deserve it. That's ridiculous. Rape is as serious a crime as any, and to instantly believe that there's some justification for it in any way of life is a sad reflection of our state as people.

  • America needs to change its attitude about rape period!

    Women are afraid to report rape because they are the ones put on trial, they are the ones traumatized, and they are the ones humiliated. If the suspect is underage, they basically get a slap on the wrist. How is that teaching them a lesson? Rape is a degrading crime. It is only one step down from murder in my opinion.

  • Yes, It's absolutely time we stop minimizing rape and shaming victims.

    People mourn the loss of the football players' careers and their promising futures, while the victim in the case has been attacked and shunned by the media and many people all over the nation. Even after explicit proof of the perpetrators deeds were presented, people still viciously hung on to the belief that the victim was in the wrong and could only blame herself. This kind of attitude cannot continue to exist in a society that believes in any sense of justice. My sympathies to the victim, and I hope people will see that no one is above the law, and start to treat the victims in such case with more respect.

  • More of the feminism-is-about-power nonsense

    This was an immoral crime of high level, absolutely, and those morons who did this to that girl, should get the jail sentence. Should we change our attitudes towards immorality in sexual matters regardless. 100%. Is rape a crime by force? Absolutely, and a violent one at that. However, rape is all about losers wanting to do it with girls, by force. Those who can't take no for an answers.
    The only time it's about power is when one country takes over the other.
    So we may need to change our views on sexual lust, however, feminists need to stop with this "rape is about power" nuissance. It makes them stupid and unattractive at the same time.

  • No. America's attitude on rape is that an accused rapist is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    A woman crying out "RAPE!" is not a verdict. Rape, like any other alleged crime has to be brought into the court of law to determine if it is true. There have been times when men have been accused of rape when it did not occur. For example, in the case of Mike Tyson where the accuser's ulterior motives put an innocent rapist behind bars.

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