After the last two elections, Actually probably before that, Should all candidates stop running under republic or democrat titles?

Asked by: Tmorris1
  • No more parties

    Maybe each person interested sign up, If more than one person in a state enters then a primary in that state narrows down to now more than 2 candidates. Next, All candidates move to a primary to narrow down to the top 5. Then these 5 run for the final election in November. This way people may actually research and vote for the persons agendas instead of just a title. Along with having term limits.

  • I don’t think that would solve much

    What we need is more constitutional moderates who actually take things seriously and won’t say stupid things every 5 seconds, Isn’t a liar or a hypocrite and is actually qualified to be president. They should also campaign on real issues like national debt, Cyber security, Social media privacy, Censorship and propose real solutions. Not campaign on issues like climate change and propose a solution such as the green new deal where it just tanks the economy. We also have to encourage people to work and move the country forward instead of throw away the current system we have and go to a system that has failed since the medieval era (socialism).

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