After The Lord Jesus Christ, Rabbi Meir Kahane was the 2nd greatest Jewish Rabbi in human history, Agree?

  • Many Christians respected Rabbi Kahane

    He was born Martin David Kahane,
    But he was famously known as
    Rabbi Meir Kahane, He was born in
    Brooklyn on August 1, 1932 and was tragically assassinated in Manhattan on
    Monday November 5, 1990 at the age of
    58, Rabbi Meir Kahane was the World famous political, Religious leader from Brooklyn, And it's a damn shame that the New York City Public Schools don't teach about Kahane,

  • No, The late Rebbe Mendelson Schneerson had more influence.

    Because of how prominent Chabad Lubavitch has become within Chassidim, Rebbe Schneerson has become more and more well known. There are many Chabad adherents who even believe that he was the long-awaited Messiah. While Meir Kahane was somewhat war-like, Mendelson Schneerson sought a more peaceful means of getting Jews to become more involved with their religion.

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