After the recent Carnival disaster, would you still go on a cruise?

  • Yes i would

    Its like going on a ship after titanic. Cruise ships are safe . It is very rare for problems on ships . The problem is the company has a lawsuite on there hands 0 . Forget about the disaster . It is okay a disaster like that is very rare

  • Low Probability, Not Life and Death

    I would still go on a cruise, especially a non-Carnival cruise. I believe that the proportion of cruises that have this problem is too small to consider. I think it's similar to an airplane crash. Do you still fly even though planes crash every year? Also, this situation was not life and death for most people, and they were compensated for their troubles. Just a little bad luck, and a good story to tell the rest of your life. I'd get over it eventually!

  • Do you still get on airplanes after 9/11?

    You can't live your life fearing the worst when there is a long track record of success. Would you still get on an airplane if one crashed just prior to take off? Of course you would, because there are millions of other flights that don't end in tragedy.

    The same can be said for cars, playing sports, etc...

  • Yes, I would go on a cruise.

    I would go on a cruise even after the recent Carnival disaster. These types of occurrences are rare, which is why they get so much attention from the news media. Some of my family members have taken several cruises a year for more than ten years, with no incidents at all.

  • Yes; I'd still go on a cruise.

    I'd absolutely still go on a cruise, but I'd never, in a million years cruise with Carnival. I wouldn't have gone a cruise with them before this happened though. They have always been a sub-par cruise line. They've had multiple problems, and their service has always been awful, and not worth what they charge.

  • I'd Still Go On A Cruise

    The Carnival Cruise would have little effect on me deciding to go on a cruise or not. Every cruise is not a disaster and I would still go on one if I had the chance to. The only difference that incident makes is that I be more thorough when checking cruise reviews.

  • No, I wouldn't

    No, I would not go on a cruise after the recent Carnival disaster. More specifically, I would not go on a Carnival cruise because they seem to have problems with multiple cruise ships. I do not want to run the risk of being stuck in the middle of a large body of water without food and a clean toilet.

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