Agree/disagree You must be at least 18 years old to be able to understand politics well enough to vote?

Asked by: TraceyBowens
  • 18 is just right.

    I think 18 is the perfect age to start voting because before that no kids are worried about who gets elected for president or elected for congress because it does not affect them. Me as a 17 year old American is just starting to get into politics because it just started to get interesting to me and actually started to matter to me.

  • Yes, You need to be 18 years old.

    If everybody can vote teenagers that don't know about It they can be voting for the wrong president. And make votes without knowing if they voting for the right person. So i think you should be 18 years old to vote and i understand about the voting rules. Vote vote.

  • I believe voting age should stay the same.

    I believe we should keep 18 as the age to vote. Because most people are fully matured by 18 and can do alot on their own. People Thats younger you wouldnt really understand the political things in the world cause you would understand the balence of voting to impact our future.

  • Yes you supposed to be 18

    It's common sense that you have to be 18 years at least or older to be able to vote in the united states if you ever had history class or read anything related to voting in the united states you should know that already because 18 is whe your considered an adult so then you can voice your opinion

  • I say yes

    Yes because you have to be 18 to understand what your voting for you can't just be 18 and be ready to vote for anybody there is more things to know about voting. You have to understand the main basic part of the politics before you make your voting choice.

  • Another reason on why I also agree that you must be 18 to understand the politics well enough to vote because

    At that age You are able to move and do things on your own and you will eventually have your own responsibilities to do and things you have to do that deals with the government, Such as Taxes, Unemployment and things like that. The age of 18 you are considered a adult you won't be considered an teen anymore.

  • Yes because at the Age of 18

    You are either finishing up high school or in college and you are officially Legal which means basically you have already been taught about politics and government policies, Which could give you a better understanding on why many of us people believe 18 is the age where you should be able to understand politics so you could also legally vote.

  • Yes, You should have enough information from your education to help you make a more informed decision or the ability to research topics.

    At the age of 18 years old you are either finishing up high school or already in college which means you have been exposed to politics and hot topics to be able to make a more informed decision to be able to vote. You are also able to research topics and people involved in politics that gives you a better edge on someone who is younger and does not have all the necessary tools.

  • No, I disagree

    As a thirteen year old, I am very aware of what is happening in our country right now, Am very interested in the way this country is being run. I think dropping the age to 16 would fit perfectly. You are older and not as influenced by your parent's political party.

  • Disagree. There are plenty of younger teenagers who understand politics. Voting age has been and always will be an arbitrary line.

    Not only don't you HAVE to be 18 to understand politics well enough to vote, Understanding politics "well enough" shouldn't be a requirement to voting at all. Saying so would be similar to saying there should be a literacy test to vote, Which was used to keep the voices of blacks and other minorities silenced in American democracy for years. Thinking in this manner leads to a slippery slope of voter disenfranchisement.

    Since age doesn't play a role in my disagreement with the statement, I am fine with maintaining our current arbitrary age of 18.

    Of course, I think that any voting citizen has a responsibility to attempt to understand political issues and candidates before casting a ballot. However, The right to vote is too important to condition upon civic responsibility.

  • No. Age is not the determining factor on whether or not someone is informed enough to vote

    It is certainly not unheard of to have a adult who is not informed about political issues, And it is also not unheard of to have adults that are informed about political issues. It is not different with teenagers. Some are politically aware, And some are not. It is not just age that determines political awareness

  • No. Not that all teenagers understand politics but adults are no better.

    I am 14 I do not agree with my parents on politics, I know only one adult who I agree with and I didn't even know him when I started being political. Just a coincidence. Most adults just believe what they where told. Really stupid teenagers will grow up to be stupid adult mostly. I think it depends more on the person also I think you like to look down on teenagers because it gives you sick bastards a sense of power.

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