Agriculture Department lifts USDA gag order after public outcry. Is Trump trying to silence counter arguments?

  • Yes, I think so.

    The USDA, however, wasn't the only administrative department met with a gag order following President Donald Trump's swearing in. The Environmental Protection Agency, the National Parks Service and the Department of Health and Human Services have also been told to limit their communication with the public. The EPA — which under President Barack Obama sought to research and combat climate change — is now banned from social media, speaking to the media and awarding new contracts and grants. What is next?

  • Yes, it seems like Trump is trying to silence counter arguments.

    Yes, it seems like Trump is trying to silence counter arguments. He does not like to have anyone say a word against him or even expressing a differing opinion. He's even willing to argue factual provable claims. It's a dangerous thing to have a president trying to suppress public opinions and news sources.

  • No, counterarguments were already silenced under Obama

    While I am not saying that man-made climate change is fiction, there has been a trend in recent years to silence data that conflicts with the theory of man-made climate change. Stifling of academic debate is not new to this presidential administration. This is perhaps the biggest stumbling block to actual progress in improving problems in America. We have lost the ability to debate.

  • No, Trump is not trying to silence counter arguments.

    President Trump is not trying to silence counter arguments more then any other previous president has tried to. Trump is not shy about sharing his opinions, especially when they conflict with those opinions held by government bureaucrats. Trump really isn't silencing anyone, he is just talking over them, as he is one to do.

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