Ai Weiwei: 'The USA is behaving like China.' Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Absolutely agree. Which is a shame.

    "On the Chinese mainland, where I have lived and worked for a decade, people regularly speak of their frustrations and fears at being spied on by their government, which employs probably tens of thousands of people as well as sophisticated technology to monitor citizens’ electronic and digital communication. Information gathered in this way has been used to convict people of speech crimes, including political subversion."

    Sound familiar?

  • No, China is behaving like the United States

    Carl Marx, creator of Communism, once said that democracy leads inevitably to Communism. I would say that Communism leads inevitably to democracy. China has made many reforms in recent years and decades toward economic and social freedom. We have drifted slightly left, but nowhere even close to a place that can be reasonable compared to Red China. Indeed, China is becoming like us, not us like them, which is a very, very good thing.

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savvga13 says2013-06-11T19:16:35.303
And how exactly does China behave?
chrumbelievable says2013-06-11T19:32:06.203
@savvga13...Media censorship and citizen surveillance.
JustCheNo says2013-06-24T14:03:48.440
China is becoming more democratic while the United States is becoming more Communist, all because of Barack Obama and his evil liberal minions.
savvga13 says2013-06-24T22:21:21.910
@chrumbelievable and JustCheNo- The U.S. Does not spy on its citizens the way China does. The U.S. Does not oppress its protesters with violence. Newspapers and TV shows and magazines in the U.S. Are allowed to say whatever they want about the government. (though newspapers/press can generally be biased.)
JustCheNo says2013-06-24T22:29:46.823
Don't worry, by the time Obama's reign is over we'll have ALL of those things. We already do, you just don't know it.