Aid for persecuted churches: Should the United States provide aid to the persecuted church?

  • Key Term: Persecuted

    We would support a persecuted Boy Scout troop. We would support a persecuted group of AA members. We need to follow through with persecuted churches. It is about the human victims involved and whatever wrong was done to them. The government has no business in deciding the worth of what they are standing up for; it can only decide to protect all people no matter what they're preaching.

  • What Persecuted Churches

    I do not believe the United States government should provide aid to persecuted churches. I do not believe there are many persecuted churches with the United States and many that are, would probably not receive much more from support from people if tax dollars were handed out to them. If these churches are in different countries, we should not be involved at all.

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