AIG bonuses: Are bonuses essential to AIG's recovery?

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  • No, bonuses are not needed by AIG executives.

    We live in a very strange world, where big business is allowed to default on its obligations and hurt the little person, and yet its executives reap benefits that are bigger than ever. Find responsible and capable leaders for AIG that will do their jobs for a salary and not look for a bonus when things are bad for everyone else.

  • Bonuses are not essential to AIG's recovery because bonuses will probably make the company worst as it will spend more money for the bonuses.

    Bonuses are not essential to promote growth as many think. Some scientific studies show that in actuality, bonuses make productivity worst. It forces individuals to focus on a specific goal just for the bonus instead of doing the best that they can do. This can often lead to poor work because the individual just aims to complete the requirement for the bonus.

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