Air Canada suspends Venezuela flights: Do you agree this is a needed security measure?

  • The country is falling apart.

    Yes, I think that it was a needed security measure that Air Canada suspended Venezuela flights, because it is too dangerous to go to Venezuela right not. As Venezuela has turned socialist, mothers do not even have diapers for their babies. Canada made the right choice for its workers by suspending flights there.

  • Air Canada is Right

    The security situation is Venezuela is tenuous at best right now. Air Canada is looking out for the safety of its passengers by suspending flights to Venezuela. If someone really wants to get to Venezuela, they can take another airline, but Air Canada is looking out for their own interests.

  • What About Flights Out?

    I think it is probably smart for Air Canada to suspend flights to Venezuela, but what about offering flights to people who want to leave the area? I guess that is probably asking too much, but I think companies should do what they can to help people when the time comes. This would be a good opportunity for Air Canada to do something socially responsible.

  • Air Canada suspends Venezuela flights

    Air Canada suspends Venezuela flights I agree this is a needed security measure for them at this time to protect their people and to be safe. It is a shame that these people are using airplanes to now try and hurt other people and that we have to be even more careful about who we fly with.

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