Airlines cancel flights over Ebola fears: Do you believe the virus outbreak is being handled in a responsible way?

  • Travel in regions with Ebola should be halted

    Only two Americans have gotten much needed experimental medicine for the strain of Ebola that is killing hundreds. The decision of airlines cancelling flights in and out of the regions that have sick individuals almost seems required as people aren't getting the treatment they need. It is unfortunate, however unless the strain can be treated, people need to be limited in where they travel so the infection doesn't spread further. In my opinion, a travel restriction is inconvenient, but necessary until the health issue is resolved.

  • The government is all but trying to incite panic!!!

    1: They've breached all protocol and endangered the entire population by shipping in infected people(I believe on purpose)
    2: They have issued a law that allows them to detain anyone with respiratory disease- I don't think it's been put this vaguely by accident!!!
    - So hypothetically the government could now arrest anyone with the flue, a cold or even a cough....... They've admitted to already releasing a "harmless" pathogen- which wasn't as harmless as they said it was. So they could basically release the flue and detain indefinitely anyone who they want to. I don't know about you guys, but this seems like a little more power than I like them having.

  • No Ebola is not being held in a responsible way.

    The Ebola virus is not being held in a responsible way. The flights in and out of Africa should have ceased as soon as the virus started breaking out. The longer we wait to cease international flights the more of a risk of spreading it to other countries. It is not being held in a resposible way.

  • No, the countries where Ebola is breaking out don't have the ability to handle it responsibly.

    No, the countries where Ebola is breaking out don't have the ability to handle it responsibly. The sanitary conditions, even in hospitals, are at best lacking and at most abysmal in some of the countries where the outbreak is occurring. The means necessary to contain a disease such as Ebola are just not there.

  • No, more needs to be done to combat the outbreak

    No the outbreak is not being handled in a responsible way. Leading experts have stated that more experimental treatments need to be provided more widely to the most affected areas of Western Africa. The World Health Organization needs to take on more responsibility in regards to combating the outbreak. The airlines are correct in canceling flights to the most infected areas as allowing a carrier of the disease into more widely populated areas of the world could be catastrophic. It takes up to 30 days for a person to show the symptoms of being infected so a seemingly well individual could easily board a plane to another destination. These measures are going somewhat to containing the outbreak but much more needs to be done to eradicate it.

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