Airlines charge by weight: Should people pay more for an airline ticket if they are overweight?

  • Yes, weight should definitely be a factor.

    This is not a discriminatory law. Airlines have also started stocking less magazines and food based on the fact that more weight=more fuel. It simply makes sense just to charge people more if they weigh more, just as if you pay more because you brought more luggage on your flight.

  • They Require More Room

    It isn't in any interest to make a mockery out of these people or to make them feel bad about themselves. The simple fact is that when the planes are flying, the force required to lift certain passengers exceeds others. It's the same reason children eat free in restaurants, they are so little it costs little. In airlines, big people cost more.

  • Why the heck not?

    It costs more fuel to transport 300 lbs. From point A to point B than it does to transport 150 lbs. What's the first thing the post office does when you bring a package to be shipped? They weigh it.

    Do overweight people pay more for their clothes? Yes, because it takes more fabric.

    This isn't discriminatory to me, it's a smart business decision. And if someone must frequently rely on this "Samoan Air" airline, it could be a good incentive to stay healthy.

    The thing that is nonsensical to me is generating more of a cost than someone else, but someone else still has to pay the same rate as you.

  • Yes, weight should be a factor in airline ticket pricing.

    Though charging extra for overweight travelers seems discriminating, airlines have legitimate reasons to do so. Airplanes are limited in the amount of weight they can carry, so overweight people who take up multiple seats cut into their ability to maximise their business. Using a tiered system makes sense financially, and may even motivate frequent airline travelers to drop some pounds!

  • People who are overweight should not pay extra charge for an airline ticket.

    An airline ticket is type of credential, it gives passengers a license to have an air travel. Everyone should pay the same amount per seat. Therefore, I think people who are overweight should pay the same amount for the same seat as other if they can seat it. For the example, a group of people get airline ticket from sweepstakes, so they are able to have the travel, they can pay extra charge to upgrade their airline ticket for more cozy seat as their personal reason. And airlines should not use passengers’ personal body type indirect to effect passengers’ right.
    Finally, I think airline should not charge by weight, it same as different public transportation, how about some people they can pay the extra charge when they are overweight level is unable to seat in the transportation, will the transport assured to provide seat for them?I think not, because it is difficult to do and there will not this kind of issues here if airlines can provide it. Therefore, airlines can suggest people who are overweight to upgrade their service or change the transport, but should not charge people by weight.

  • Airlines should not charge by weight.

    No, they definitely should not charge by weight. This makes no sense to me. The only scenario in which this would make sense is if the person took up more than seat on the aircraft. Otherwise, the person should always only have to pay for one ticket. Regardless of the person's weight, since they only take one seat in the aircraft, it makes no sense to charge extra.

  • Airlines tickets should not cost more for the overweight

    There is some severe ethical challenges with airlines potentially charging more for airlines tickets if the customer is overweight. Weight is not necessarily something easily controlled. Overeating is not the only cause of obesity. There are a number of uncontrollable factors that come into play, not the least of which is mental health issues and economic situations.

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