Airport security controls: Are these controls overall desirable?

  • Necessary Evil in Contemporary Times

    Airport security is tighter than ever, but it is a necessary evil in light of several terrorist attacks on and since 9/11/2001. Yes, there are snafus in the system and no security checkpoint is perfect. However, the overall impact of added security measures has meant safer flying for all in the United States. If you don't like the TSA pat-downs, don't fly. It's that simple.

  • Sometimes it works, more often it doesn't

    I've been through airport security some times with absolutely zero complaints. Unfortunately, I've also had times my luggage was thrown all over the country, cut open in four different places by the TSA, and then thrown on my doorstep with zero apology and literally no acknowledgment of the claim I sent them using their own form. They're untouchable, they invade privacy whenever they want, and a lot of them do it for the rush more than to make people safer.

    Some of the people I've dealt with through the TSA are wonderful, nice people. Most of them aren't.

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