Airport security controls: Do modern airport security controls violate personal privacy?

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  • 911 was a mistake, OUR mistake

    If we had been more diligent in our security, the tragedy that took place in America on September 11, 2001, could have been prevented. Thousands of families and lives torn apart, acts of government were passed in haste (the patriot act) that REALLY violated security, organizations like the NSA were allowed to take power and take our privacy from us. The airport security controls are necessary, but they're too late.

  • Nobody is forced

    Airport security does not violate personal privacy because we are all aware that we will be search, x-rayed, and/or patted down when we go to an airport. Nobody is forced to fly anywhere so we make a decision to allow ourselves to be search when we purchase the ticket. If a person feels that it violates their personal privacy then they don't have to fly anywhere.

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