Airport security controls: Do these controls enhance personal security?

  • Yes, Security Controls Are Unpleasant But Effective

    No one likes going through airport security. It wastes time, and it feels
    like an invasion of privacy. However, everyone who gets on a plane
    is probably grateful that the other passengers were subjected to the
    security check. Also, the friends and family of passengers are
    reassured by the knowledge that security controls discourage terrorists
    from even considering another attack on an airplane.

  • Airport Security for American Safety

    Current airport security, while an inconvenience for airline passengers, potentially saves American lives. The number of intercepted terrorist plots shows the continuing need for high airport security, as evidenced by the bombing at the Boston Marathon and recent intelligence of al-Qaeda attacks planned for planes departing Heathrow Airport, in the form of suicide bombers. Al-Qaeda seems determined to continue their terrorist actions and security must be of concern to protect American citizens.

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