Airstrikes hit convoys carrying ISIS militants out of Falluja. Will this dishearten ISIS?

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  • No I dont think ISISwould be disheartened

    ISIS is a very strong organization and wouldn't be affected by any such air strikes in my opinion. They are hard core terrorists who are ready to die for whatever is the value they hold. They would never be disheartened ir taken aback by any such attacks or air strikes

  • ISIS expects casualties.

    I do not believe that the airstrikes will dishearten ISIS. In their campaigns of terror, ISIS seems to expect causalities. While it seems as it may be a victory for the rest of the world, I do not believe it will significantly deter ISIS from continuing to militarize and fight.

  • ISIS will remain determined until large numbers of them are killed

    Airstrikes hitting the convoys carrying ISIS members will not dishearten them. In fact, it will make them more angry, and more likely to strike in retaliation. ISIS will not be disheartened until their main leaders are killed and they become disorganized. As long as the "big guys" are alive and able, they will continue to bomb innocent people.

  • No, this will not dishearten ISIS.

    The U.S. led coalition against ISIS has conducted almost two years of airstrikes against the terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria. There have been no doubt many successes; Iraqi and Kurdish forces have retaken a lot of land that was occupied by ISIS. However, airstrikes alone will not win the fight against this terrorist group. Yes, airstrikes might help U.S. allies, but they will not dishearten ISIS.

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