• Al Jazeera did a good job

    I think Al Jazeera America was a pretty decent news organization. While the integrity wasn't great, they provided a pretty unique perspective on the news of the world. I think that Al Jazeera America was great. The company did a decent job and they excellent coverage on the Middle East.

  • Nice to get a different viewpoint

    Al Jazeera America is not particularly radical and it presents news in a way that we rarely get elsewhere. Other stations are blindly partisan and sometimes it seems they are airing commercials for political parties instead of presenting real news with real facts that people actually need. It was nice to have someone above the fray.

  • Al Jazeera America will not be missed

    The Al Jazeera America network is shutting down due to a lack of funds. Launching two years ago with an ambitious agenda, the network never gained traction and had low viewership. The channel only generated 20,000 to 40,000 viewers in primetime, a fraction of the other cable news networks such as CNN and Fox News.

  • Is it still on air?

    I am actually very surprised that this organization has not yet been shut down. But in spite of being surprised it Al Jazeera America is still on air, I think it will be missed by the millions of Muslims and people of middle eastern backgrounds in general that live in the United States.

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