Al-Jazeera correspondent missing in Yemen: Should journalists be allowed to go to war-torn areas where they might be killed or kidnapped?

  • Journalists should do their jobs

    Journalists have to be able to do what they're supposed to do. Journalists need to go to places to report on the news. If no, the public is less informed. No matter what, the freedom of the press must be protected. Therefore journalists have every right to go to Yemen no matter what.

  • War must be reported

    Journalists should be the people making an informed decision on whether or not to go to a war-torn area. They should be aware of all of the potential risks that await them. It is very important that war be reported on, as truthful as possible. Many people are ignorant to the savagery of war. The brave men and women who report these facts to the world should be commended.

  • Journalists should have access to war-torn areas

    I think it is basic journalism to report on war going on in the world. The countries in war have an unwritten rule not to harm or kill journalists because they are good for both sides of the coin. They report on the atrocities and absurdities that people die for.

  • Yes, journalists and reporters must be allowed to go to such places.

    And of course, Al-Jazeera doesn't report the events and genocide of Yemen because of Saudi dollars.
    People of Yemen are suffering and basically no media cares. On the other hand, Saudi fighters kill innocent women and children each day. Something around 7000 civilians are killed by fighters and majority of them are women and children!!!

  • It should be up to the journalist as to where they are or aren't willing to go

    Journalists should be allowed to go into war-torn, high risk areas if they want to. They are adults with free will and are legally able to make decisions for themselves. They certainly should not be required to go to such an area if they don't want to risk it, but if they know and understand the risks and want to go, they should certainly be alliowed to do so.

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