Al-Nusra rebels beheaded 40 innocent Syrians yesterday. USA supports these rebels to slay Assad. Is it right to call them moderate rebels?

Asked by: shalal12
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  • What does a moderate terrorist do? I just wonder how Obama calls them "moderate" rebels?!

    USA and its allies support Al-Nusra rebels a lot. Al-Nusra rebels are all equipped with American special weapons. They can use Israel's doctors and hospitals.
    Israel and Turkey train these rebels just to slay Assad. They call them "moderate rebels" to justify their support!
    They cant be called " moderate Syrian rebels" because:
    1. They kill and behead innocent Syrians.
    2. Many of the rebels are not Syrian. They are from Chechen and Saudi Arabia.

    USA supports them for two main reasons
    1. They wanna slay Assad.
    2.They some times fight with ISIS which is getting more power these days.
    However, USA doesn't care what they do when they enter cities. They rape girls, kill people and behead them moderately.
    Thanks USA to help moderate terrorists!!!!!!!!!!

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UtherPenguin says2015-06-11T18:34:38.207
Whoever said Al-Nusra was a moderate group?
shalal12 says2015-06-11T20:26:38.977
US government regard "Free Army" and some of other groups of rebels who are fighting with ISIS (like Al-Nusrah) as moderate rebels. Just search for their speeches.