Alabama congressman says No: Should we ban gun sales to people on the terrorist watch list?

  • I just don't get the yanks love affair with guns.

    European here. Simple tip for those Americans who polish their weapons religiously. Ban all firearms apart from hunting rifles and you will see your death by firearm figures reduce over time. It don't take no Einstein to see what's 2 inch from your nose. And Alabama, has anything intelligent come out of that state this century?

  • Why wouldn't we??

    Why would we not want to ban the sales of guns to people on the terrorist watch list? This is absolutely insane! These people are on the list of suspected terrorists, and we should be allowing them to carry weapons? No way! I understand that there are some people on the list that don't necessarily belong, but I think this is an exception to the rule. If we want to combat terrorism, this is as good a place as any to start.

  • Bans on gun sales can potentially prevent future shootings

    I disagree with the Alabama congressman and agree that we should ban gun sales to people on the terrorist watch list. It is impossible to predict who will or won't commit a crime or an act of terrorism. However, by not allowing the sale of guns to these individuals in the first place, we can potentially prevent acts of violence. The only surefire way to prevent gun violence is by not putting guns in the hands of people who will use them improperly.

  • Yes, we should absolutely ban gun sales to people on the terrorist watch list.

    To me it almost seems like a no-brainer. If someone is on a terrorist watch list, they must be some kind of threat to other people. The events in Orlando made this pretty clear, I think. We should be very strict with gun sales on anyone who has any kind of record or is suspect to any activity.

  • The no-fly list is to overly broad to be used to restrict gun possession.

    An Alabama congressman is taking issue with President Obama's recommendation that persons on terrorist watch lists should not be able to purchase firearms or ammunition. At first this seems like a reasonable restriction, but there is no real guidance on who is placed on these lists and what their recourse is to be removed from such a list. The 2nd Amendment is very broad and is a fundamental right that should not be taken away without some due process. It would be too inclusive to rely only on a person's inclusion on such a list without anything more to infringe on their right to bear arms.

  • It's based on name not how likely someone is to commit a terrorist action.

    I myself am on the no fly list, despite not having interactions with known terrorists nor doing any terroristy actions. This is because there is a terrorist someone with the came name as me. So I would be blocked from using my rights as a law abiding American citizen because of my name, I say no.

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