Alabama inmate heaves during execution: Should the death penalty be ended?

  • Yes, there aren't many good reasons to keep the death penalty.

    The only reason the death penalty would be positive would be to make sure the person never commits the crime but if the person is alive in confinement, we can learn how their minds work to prevent further criminals. A common misconception is that the death penalty is cheaper than caring for someone in a life sentence but it's not.

  • Yes, it should.

    The death penalty is cruel and unusual. It does not bring back the person who they killed. The only time the death penalty is truely justified is in cases where there is nothing else that can be done to keep the criminal from commiting crimes. There are other ways of deterring crime and punishing people.

  • Yes, life imprisonement instead of death penalty

    No human being has the right to take another's life away, no matter how heinous and unacceptable the crime that a person has committed is. These individuals should instead be punished with life imprisonment, and be put to work, in order to contribute to the society and to their own costs incurred while in prison.

  • I disagree with taking it away

    When proven guilty the death penalty acts as a punishment for the crimes one has committed. By taking this away the person responsible receives no punishment and the and the family members of the victims receive no closure. Also the death penalty serves as an example or lesson people in society should look and see the what the effect of their actions could be.

  • Disagree with taking away the Death Penalty

    The death penalty serves as a punishment to the person who took away another's natural, and unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, thus they must have their natural rights taken away too. Why should they live when they have taken away the life of another? Many will say that this is barbaric, but when someone has killed your beloved, you must punish them with the same severity.

  • No, i disagree.

    Death penalty should not be ended. This is because it serves right for the suspects who must face execution. If death penalty is ended, then crime will increase. This always serves as a lesson to the rest of the people in the society who are tempted to commit a similar crime.

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