Alcohol ban: Is alcohol as addictive and destructive as many illegal drugs?

  • Of course it is.

    Another poster stated that alcohol addiction is psychological, as if this justifies it as a safe and healthy drug. It is irrelevant if a drug is addictive psychologically or physically - both are addictions, and both can lead to serious issues. Besides, this entire argument is a contradiction; marijuana is only addictive psychologically instead of physically, so if psychological addictions aren't as serious why not legalise marijuana?

    There are far more social and medical problems associated with alcohol addiction/consumption than with marijuana and some other drugs. Alcohol abuse can lead to cancer, strokes, heart disease, liver disease, brain damage and nervous system damage - not to mention the domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual assault, crime, etc. all caused by even short term use of alcohol.

    Alcohol has absolutely no health benefits. It is one of the only drugs which is not used medicinally.

    I have absolutely nothing against drinking alcohol (I love it in fact) but it's ignorant to believe that alcohol is the least harmful drug, legal or otherwise, in existence.

    Contrary to what someone on the other side of the argument claimed, not all illegal drugs do "damage right away". I'd be a drooling, vegetated mess if that were true.

    The "dangers" of drugs such as marijuana and MDMA have been hugely exaggerated and stigmatised by the media, and that needs to stop.

  • Alcohol can be just as addictive and destructie as many illegal drugs

    Alcohol can potentially be a gateway into worse things depending on the person that uses it. Sure alcohol might be used in a celebratory fashion, but some people enjoy the way alcohol lowers their thoughts on things and numbs them from the world around them. They might use it as an easy escape from the outside world and personal issues. Doing so repeatedly could harm them in the long run.

  • Addiction is not from the product itself. It's a psychological one to begin with.

    Both recreational drugs and alcohol serve as a gateway for escapism. That is to say induce euphoria chemically versus say healthier options say family/friends.

    Now why it becomes an addition. It is when those who already have a negative view on life and lack the ability to handle it. So these products help them to feel euphoria and make life that much bearable and they go back to them again and again.

    I have do consume alcohol however am not addicted to it as I never had the need to drink it on a daily basis to comfort myself.

    So the initial addiction is brought about by these psychological factors. Which then with repetitive exposure to the chemical makes the body dependant on it. Which then goes beyond the psychological factor.

    Even if the person no longer needed the chemicals to be able to live life in a neutral/ positive way. Their body cannot do so.

    So is those people who shows signs of the psychological factors that can lead to substance dependence should be looked after and preventive measures should be in place for them.

    Now a total ban can solve the problem. However since humans want to be out acceptance and freedom of will. Then we have no choice but to let those who want to par take in such behaviour while monitoring potential addicts to be.

  • No, alcohol is not as destructive as many illegal drugs.

    I won't deny that alcohol can be addictive. But, in small quantities it's fine and won't do any harm. It's all about knowing limits. Drugs, on the other hand, do damage right away. Some cause you to be addicted after just one use and your life will never be the same. Whereas if you have just one beer or one glass of wine, your life won't be ruined.

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